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Leadership without Ego
After ensuring the success of the start to the Center for Exceptional Leadership as pro bono Executive Director, Tom has returned his full attention to enVision Performance Solutions. We understand how crucial leadership development is to the growth and sustainment of area organizations and we will continue working with organizations, teams and individuals in achieving these goals.

"There's too many managers already; the world is short on leaders." 
- Bob Townsend, former CEO of Avis Rent A Car.

"We don't need any more managers." In this video, Bob Davids puts leadership into a broader concept and uses simple examples that demonstrate how impactful being a leader, compared to just a manager, is. He discusses how those in leadership positions fail because they take the power instead of giving the power back to the people. 

The idea of how micromanaging causes an organization to suffer is not a new one, yet many still use the behavior in their management.  "I think that the leader, instead of having ego, he needs to have the confidence to do his job. But leave the ego at the door and support the people in that organization and give them the tools and the environment for them to be successful," says Davids.

The rarest commodity is leadership without ego - Bob Davis    Runtime 12:50
The rarest commodity is leadership without ego - Bob Davids               Runtime 12:50
Leaders: Born or Made?
learning_enter_key.jpg One piece of confusion that may be sparked from the above video is when Davids states that "you either have [leadership] or you don't." While one could infer that he is saying leaders are born, not made, we must emphasize his next point. He follows with a story about how you cannot teach creativity; rather you can hone and polish the skill. It is important to note that, as with any talent, some are born with more leadership qualities than others; but all must work to refine and develop their gifts.

feedback red word on conceptual compass on white background A number of important steps can advance leadership skill. The first, assessment, involves both self-reflection and gathering feedback from others. This step can be very eye-opening as to both strengths to develop and dark-side behaviors to mitigate. It is important to select quality assessments as well as have the results analyzed and delivered by someone who is both certified and experienced. We offer the enVision.360® as an individual assessment that looks at both positive and derailing behaviors. We also recommend these additional assessments.

strategic_journey.jpg After reviewing the results of your assessments, it is important to put together a leadership development plan and initiate the action steps. When developing this plan, consider including resources such as leadership coaches and mentors -- both inside and outside of your organization. One of the most difficult choices in your leadership development journey can be selecting the right coach. In our next issue of The Executive Brief, we will be exploring what a makes an excellent leadership coach is and how to select the right one for you!

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