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How Great Leaders Serve Others
Servant leadership is by no means a new idea and continues to gain popularity among business leaders. Servant leaders empower individuals and teams, which is crucial in the workplace. Employees need to think, behave and take the appropriate actions to control their work and to make decisions as independent, autonomous individuals. When leaders encourage, involve, and enable their employees, it creates an engaging work environment. Engagement gives energy to our commitments. Empowering is relevant not just for new leaders, but for leaders at any level who are attempting to engage and tap the full range of capabilities of their associates.

David Marquet
Former Nuclear
Submarine Commander

David  Marquet's experience as the captain of a naval ship allowed him to see that the t raditional leadership style of giving orders wasn't going to work.  To empower means to let go of the idea that you know everything and that your job as a leader is to always tell others what to do.  Whe n you give up control, you make room for everyone on the team to be innovative and authentically engaged. 

How Great Leaders Serve Others: David Marquet at TEDxScottAFB  18:04
How Great Leaders Serve Others: David Marquet at TEDxScottAFB                   18:04

David Marquet led a distinguished career in the United States' Submarine Force, culminating in command of the nuclear-powered fast-attack submarine USS Santa Fe. In command of Santa Fe, Captain Marquet completely turned around the submarine, which went from being "worst to first."  Noted author Dr. Stephen Covey discusses one of Captain Marquet's leadership practices in his book, The 8th Habit.
Engagement of employees is not limited to the front line. It really begins at the Board level and cascades through all levels of leadership, through the front line. But Engagement is not limited to the collective levels of the organization. It can and often does extend to suppliers and to customers in the highly engaged organization.

It is our experience that highly engaged employees are consistently looking at ways to improve their output, execute their responsibilities and be accountable beyond the minimum measures of role expectation. That is their behavior. It can be said that many highly engaged staff seldom stop thinking about how to solve a work challenge, and they look as forward to Mondays (being at work) as they do Fridays (being at rest or play). 
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