Remember this when you see anarchist protesters in o ur streets...

Though they likely would never acknowledge it, their freedom is available, delegated by God, through our Constitution and symbolized in "Old Glory."

This morning I was pondering that its no wonder that so many around the world want to come to America - and that the forces of evil want so desperately to destroy her.

As I sat just before dawn, the song you'll access by clicking the flag below, came to mind. It is by Phil Stacey, Christian, patriot, and retired Navy.  A few years ago I had the privilege to act as the sound engineer for Phil Stacy on one occasion. He is the real deal folks .

The irony of Phil's lyrics in the song are not lost on me. How could we still be a "country united, however different we may be"? The subversives in the media and the classroom - who refuse to acknowledge a President who, for all his faults, is standing up for our nation - seem so convincing sometimes. "Fake news" and shouting down those with whom they disagree have replaced truth and civil discourse across our land. And those in government itself simply bent on destroying their opponents and advancing their personal agenda regardless the cost should be a disgrace no matter what your politics may  be.  Yet, Old Glory still flies and even those who hate our land are free to voice their opinions. Though they may despise that wonderful flag, it symbolizes their right of descent and if removed, a hammer and sickle could quickly fill the void.

Yes, regardless of all of our issues and concerns in America, Old Glory rustling in the breeze still says  "freedom!"  It reminds us that many someones paid with their lives to allow us this precious opportunity in time. More so, the liberty represented by the stars and stripes beckon those who wear the Name above all Names to take the Gospel of eternal freedom to a lost world until His  plan and purpose is fulfilled.

To my readers in the USA, please don't let this weekend pass without thanking Almighty God - and perhaps a veteran - for what we enjoy and too often take for granted.

Please get a Kleenex and allow the next 4 minutes and 53 seconds to touch your heart.

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