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Before I go any further I would like to answer 3 questions that I have been repeatedly asked since the end of our first and very successful 2012 Frozen Gringo Tour. Yes, Hugo and I are alive and well.  Yes, we are releasing a CD this year. At this time we are right in the middle of recording it, and unfortunately it will not be available in time for our tour. But we will be taking pre-orders and playing the CD "Live" from start to finish at each show! Visit our website on Facebook for up to the date information as it comes in. Yes, we will be doing a small tour!


We will be touring from February 21 - March 31. So if you would like to book a House Concert with The Frozen Gringos we encourage you to do so NOW! :-) There are still some dates left in March we are trying to fill



For booking information contact Hugo or myself at the following e-mail address's.


Hugo Duarte -

Jeff Pike -

A HUGE thank you to everyone who booked us last year and came out to see us play. We look forward to hitting the road on February 19!!


 Hugo Duarte and Jeff Pike 

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