The Fulcrum
September 05, 2017 Edition
From the National Office
On August 22, many of us were able to witness a remarkable phenomenon - the solar eclipse. Here in Philadelphia, we had some cloud coverage over the partial eclipse, but it was awe-inspiring all the same. The park was full of people with their glasses, homemade viewing boxes & cameras, all hanging out to view the event. 2:44 pm EST came and went, and we saw something truly beautiful (not directly, of course because that would have been bad). As a family walked out of the park, the young son said, "That was really neat! Can we see that every day?" I laughed to myself because it was so cute! Then I thought, If something like this happened every day, would it be so special?

Our summer programs do not happen every day, and that makes the experience so special for those students and moderators who do participate. The service they do for their home institutions is inspiring, whether they plan liturgical events, sponsor human trafficking awareness campaigns or assist with retreats. We wish we could take all students who wish to attend the summer program! The impact of this program on the lives of our students, whether first or second-hand, is invaluable, and can be as awe-inspiring as an eclipse. We look forward to hearing about the wonderful things that will happen now that LIFE Teams are back at home. #DoSomething! Create and foster communities that are truly beautiful!

Marianist LIFE 2017
Do Something
LIFE 2017
Many thanks to our photographers for each regional program: Kevin Fajardo (Pacific), Glenn Griffin (Central), Mark Ruiz (South), and all who assisted them throughout the week.
LIFE 2017 Reflection
Susanne Sage
Chaminade College Preparatory - West Hills, CA

I've been to summer camps, church camps, school retreats, and on all kinds of other trips, but Marianist LIFE South was unlike anything I'd ever experienced before. The week was an incredibly valuable and exciting time for a multitude of reasons. It was a week full of opportunity for educational, social, personal, and spiritual growth, and the impact it has left on me will likely be one to last a lifetime.
I truly learned so much during the summer program: about the mission of Marianists, and how to live out what we have been called to do. For something I consider educational, this program was never boring. The ways in which we were taught inspiring and impactful lessons were engaging, interactive, and memorable. On a deeper level, we got to learn about ourselves and Christ. In a way, I became more aware of myself, learning and accepting my own strengths, weaknesses, and potential. My faith and my relationship with God reached new heights, as I embraced the messages he delivered through our uniquely amazing staff members, and I recognized the role he has played in my life thus far.
Along with the education, personal insights, and spiritual growth, I made friends whom I will never forget. The people I met at LIFE South, students and staff members alike, were from all over the country, had many different things to offer, and affected me in different ways. Becoming a part of such a diverse group had many rewards and taught me a lot about people, places, and cultures I had never encountered. I made many friends, and before the summer program ended, I felt as though I was part of a whole new family. I journeyed, had fun, grew, learned, and connected with this family we had made at LIFE South. Looking back, I am immensely grateful for having met such a remarkable group of people, and for being given a once in a lifetime opportunity. 

WANTED: LIFEr Reflections!
We are seeking submissions of one-page personal reflections of your summer experience. Share your thoughts, memories and how you might have personally and/or spiritually changed as a result of the week-long summer experience. Please include your full name, school/parish and indicate if you attended Central, Pacific our South summer program. Please also include a digital photo of yourself. We accept submissions throughout the year.
Email reflections and photos to .
Moderator Reflection
Chris Shaver
Chaminade College Preparatory - St. Louis, MO

"Be authentic"-that is the challenge to which I feel called each time I attend a LIFE summer program, and it is with those two words that I end every email I send to our Marianist LIFE student leaders.  I have been blessed to attend LIFE Pacific each of the last three summers and LIFE Central twice in the last three years, all with different groups of students from Chaminade St. Louis.  I am in the rather unique position of having attended two LIFE Weeks in the same summer-an enriching and inspiring combination.  Pacific and Central (and I'm sure South, too) have different energies and are different manifestations of the Spirit, but a constant that runs through all of those experiences is the authentic welcoming atmosphere.  I always find myself reflecting on why it is so easy in that environment for an introvert like me to get to know new people, engage in activities outside of my comfort zone, and, most importantly, grow closer to God.  The difference between the community during the summer program and the community outside of it seems to me to be a willingness to be our authentic selves-children of God-and not who the world says we should be.  The immense challenge of receiving that gift of an authentic community in the wooded hills of Northern California, the Spirit-filled confines of the Bergamo Center in Dayton, or the ruggedness of Tecaboca is to bring that same authenticity back home.  We have received the Spirit, and that Spirit comes home with us and remains with us.  How can I cooperate with that Spirit to make God's love more profoundly manifested at my school?  My first challenge is to see that Spirit present already in all those around me-see the good in others: my colleagues, my students, myself.  Then, the events, meetings, liturgies, and prayer services that we offer to them through Marianist LIFE are an encounter with the God who loves them and wants to see them become their full, authentic selves.  It is a continual, everyday challenge to be more authentic people, more authentic Christians, and more authentic members of our communities.  What a blessing and a task we have been given!
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Susanna and Chris are just two of the thousands of students and moderators enlivened by the Spirit at Marianist LIFE over the last 47 years. LIFE Alumni return as Marianist Young Adult Assistants, Staff, Coordinating Team members and school/parish Moderators year after year. As our current LIFErs describe, their week at the Summer Program had an impact on their lives, which is echoed by numerous LIFE Alumni throughout the years.
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Marianist LIFE 2018 Summer Dates
School and parish LIFE moderators/coordinators! Mark your calendars for next year's summer programs:
Pacific (Occidental, CA)
Moderators - June 14-22
Students - June 17-22

South (Mountain Home, TX)
Moderators - July 8-17
Students - July 11-17

Central (Dayton, OH)
Moderators - July 13-21
Students July 16-21

Schools and parishes are invited to register for a summer program in another region. Registering for two different summer programs in one summer is possible in order to accommodate large LIFE Teams. Contact Toni Mesina in the national office for more information.
Scholarship Opportunities for LIFErs from the University of Dayton
MLS Spring Retreat 2017
Marianist Leadership Scholarship Program - New Application Timeline!
Are you looking to continue growing and living out the Marianist Spirit beyond high school? The Marianist Leadership Scholarship Program (MLS) at the University of Dayton is a four-year faith, service and leadership program, which includes a renewable scholarship of $4,000 per year, and is available to graduates who have demonstrated both an understanding and practice of the Marianist story! The MLS Program is open to graduates of Marianist Consortium schools and those who have attended LIFE South, Central, or Pacific.
Here's what you need to know: Applications open October 2, 2017 and close on November 1, 2017. Visit for all the information! 
East Coast Bicentennial Celebration
To commemorate the Marianists' 200 anniversary and the Centennial of Marianist ministry in Philadelphia, we are hosting a celebration in Philadelphia on Saturday, October 14, 2017. Click on the postcard below to access the event's website.

Fall Mid-LIFE 2017 Canceled
We have had to cancel the National Mid-LIFE gathering that was to coincide with the East Coast Bicentennial Gala in October. There is still space available for the Gala, and if you wish to purchase tickets and/or secure a room at the special rate, click on the postcard above to reach the event webpage.
Free Resources for MLCs
If your Marianist LIFE Communities need some ideas for your gatherings, please check our website for some resources meeting ideas and prayer services for you and your communities to use throughout the year. We will continue to add more resources as long as moderators and students keep sending them our way! To access this valuable information
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