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The Funding Behind the Free
Who Covers the Cost for HSFPP?

When HSFPP staff travel, we spread the message that our curriculum is provided at no cost. Even printed materials are shipped without any shipping or handling fee. The first question we are asked is:

Where does the money come from?

That's not surprising. We teach our students every day to be wary of free offers, to look for the "catch." To put your mind at ease we would like to answer your commonly asked questions in a straightforward manner. 

Q: Who pays for HSFPP?
A: The National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) funds 100 percent of the HSFPP costs.

Q: Who funds NEFE? 
A: NEFE is independently funded by its own endowment which was established with the proceeds of the sale of the College for Financial Planning and related transactions in 1997. Additional growth is realized only through investment of the endowment's assets. 

Q: Will NEFE charge for HSFPP in the future?
A: All NEFE resources are provided free of charge. HSFPP has been offered free to the community since 1984. No teacher has ever had to pay for a shipment or use of the materials. There is no plan to change this in the future.

Q: How many students has HSFPP reached?
A: Thanks to our endowment, HSFPP has shipped over 11.5 million student guides to educators in all 50 states and to military bases around the world.

Q: Why does NEFE cover all costs?
A: NEFE wants to make sure that cost does not prohibit a teacher from having quality, unbiased financial education materials.

Q: Is NEFE commercially backed?
A: NEFE operates as a noncommercial entity, free from financial ties to other organizations. NEFE does not accept funding from government or corporations and does not raise revenue through the sale of products or services.

Q: Is NEFE politically influenced?
A: NEFE is nonpartisan. NEFE's president and CEO has been appointed by both Democrat and Republican presidents to the President's Advisory Council on Financial Capability. NEFE provides information to both parties on request based on NEFE's research but does not lobby or take a position on active bills.

Q: What does NEFE hope to accomplish?
A: NEFE's mission is to inspire educated financial decision making for individuals and families through every stage of life. We do so through funding groundbreaking research and by providing noncommercial and unbiased resources to consumers and educators.

To learn more about our research and resources, download a copy of NEFE's corporate brochure or visit www.NEFE.org. 

Spring is Coming!
Get Your Order in for Next Semester

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NEW December NEFE Content 

Instructors can use from NEFE's Smart About Money and On Your Own websites to engage students in discussion. New content relevant to teens and educators is posted frequently on our Facebook Page.


On Your Own (Related HSFPP Module)

Network Your Way to a Killer Job (Module 3)

How to use your social and professional networks to land your first (or next) job.


5 Smart Moves for Moving Up (Module 3)

So you've landed your first job, but how do you make sure you keep advancing in your career? Read On Your Own's tips for moving up. 


Estate Planning for Young People in 9 Steps (Module 4)

Anyone can be suddenly impacted by an accident or illness that leaves him or her unable to manage their affairs. Read up on Estate Planning for Young People.


Smart About Money


"New Year, New Beginnings" hot topic:



The December SAM Says newsletter focused on family finances, including the 5 signs of financial cognitive decline. 


Ted Beck NEFE - The Talk with Mom and Dad (CNBC On The Money)
NEFE's president and CEO, Ted Beck, on how to address diminished financial capability concerns with aging parents. (CNBC On The Money)
Upcoming Trainings and Events

At www.HSFPP.org you can find face-to-face training events in your state. 

You can also register for a live 45-minute informational webinar that fits into your schedule. The webinar previews the program learning outcomes, format and materials, and it gives you the steps to immediately start teaching.

On the registration page simply choose the date that works for you. 
Upcoming Webinar Dates: Introduction to HSFPP

January 21 (Wed)
February 3 (Tues)
February 25 (Wed)
March 12 (Thurs)
March 24 (Tues)
5 - 6 pm EST
5 - 6 pm EST
11:30 - 12:30 pm EST
11:30 - 12:30 pm EST
5 - 6 pm EST

More NEFE Resources for Educators

CashCourse� - online materials for college students

FinancialWorkshopKits.org - scripts and materials for adult financial education

Evaluation Toolkit� - databank of questions to measure impact

OnYourOwn.org - young adult blog about financial lessons learned

Spendster.org - confessions of bad spending habits

SmartAboutMoney.org - consumer finance tips and tools


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To register, or to learn more, visit us online at www.hsfpp.org. 

The High School Financial Planning Program (HSFPP) is the flagship program of the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE�). NEFE is the leading private nonprofit, noncommercial foundation dedicated to inspiring empowered financial decision-making for individuals and families through every stage of life.

HSFPP equips teens with fundamental personal finance skills to prepare them for financial independence and mindful money management decisions and behaviors. Since 1984, NEFE's award-winning HSFPP has reached more than 11.5 million students in more than 110,000 classrooms and workshops across the country.

Learn more about the complete suite of NEFE's free consumer and educator resources at www.NEFE.org.

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