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Thank you for your continued patronage of the CVFA!  What follows is our league's "sportscenter", I hope you enjoy!




New Flags are on sale at the field for $10 each. 

Pocketless shorts are for sale at the field for $10.   


Also we have Nike Super speed gloves for $35,  


CVFA HOODIES!!!!! tshirts and hats, as well   




Brad Gamlin

Central Virginia Football Association 

In This Issue
Tale of the Tape
RPA Power Rankings
Week 6 Lines
Winter League Details
Game of the Week
Top 10 Plays
Charity Corn Hole Tournament
Quick Links
Tale of the Tape
Current Week's Individual Stat Leaders
(records in parenthesis)

Passing Yards (357 yards) 

  1. 248: Josh, HT#13
  2. 194: Spiker, RC#9
  3. 183: JT, SK#24 
  4. 170: United #8  

Passing TDs (6)

  • 4: Josh, HT & Pred #13 
Rushing Yards (175 yards)
  • 51: Steve, 804#1
Receptions (13)
  • 6: Cougars #2 

Receiving Yards (189 yards) 

  1. 140: JCole, HT#1 
  2. 88:   Eddie, LL #5
  3. 83:   TC, PT#88
  4. 78:   Empire #6
  5. 77:   Les, Pr#4 

Receiving TDS (6) 

  • 3: Thad, JL#23 
Tackles (11)
  • 8: Maurice, United #18  

Interceptions (3) 

  • 2: JCole , Corey, CMB#8, and Thad   

Sacks (5, now 6) 

Longest Play (82 yards)

  • 81 yards; JCole, Pick 6   

Longest Play from scrimmage (79 yards)

  • 72 yards Josh to JCole (HT) 

Season to date Individual Stat Leaders  

(record in parenthesis)


Passing Yards (1811)   

  • 412; Chauncey, SWP#9

Passing TDs (28)

  • 12; Davey, PB#7   
Rushing Yards (672)
  • 266; Eric, RF#1
Receptions (41)
  • 18; Isaiah Em#21

Receiving Yards  (597) 

  •  255; TJ, Gobots#19  

Receiving TDS (11) 

  • 5; RBI#20  
Tackles (28)
  • 16; Maurice, United #18

Interceptions (12) 


Sacks (16) 

  • 14, Maurice, United #18 


Team Stats 

Player of the Week

JCole, Hometown, #1
2 catches for 140 yards, 81 yard pick 6, 2 INT, 5 for 5 XPs
RPA Rankings

A League Overall Rankings  


team name



(1) -

Toughspects (4-0)



(2) -

Primetime (4-1)



(4) ↑

JRE (2-1)



(5) ↑

Speed Kills (2-1)



(7) ↑

RBI (2-2)



(8) ↑

River City (2-3)



(3) ↓

Shoulda Went Pr (2-3)



(6) ↓

Poor Boys (2-3)



(10) ↑

Takeover (1-3)



(9) ↓

Empire (1-3)



(11) -

Redzone Raiders (1-3)




B League Overall Rankings  


team name



(3) ↑

Go Bots (5-0)



(5) ↑

Knightz (4-0)



(1) ↓

Raptors (4-1)



(2) ↓

Brute Squad (2-1)



(7) ↑

Hometown (3-1)



(4) ↓

Da Real Deal (2-2)



(6) ↓

Richmond Fire (3-2)



(11) ↑

United (2-1)



(9) -

804rce (3-1)



(8) ↓

CMB (2-2)



(13) ↑

Justice League (2-3)



(10) ↓

Showtime! (1-3)



(15) ↑

Cougars (1-3)



(16) ↑

Predators (1-3)



(12) ↓

Chester Cavs (1-3)



(14) ↓

Wrap it Up (0-4)



(17) -

l&l (0-5)


Free Flags, Donations for the Children's Hospital

Hey everyone, This fall we as a league are participating in a toy drive for the Children`s Hospital of VA.  I am collecting donations for $30 packages which provides toys for one child for an entire year.  

Last year, we did this fundraiser for the first time and were able to provide a quality educational toy to every child at both hospitals! Not only were we able to cover Christmas, but we were able to provide gifts for a quarter of the year for completing major milestones such as Chemotheapy, other treatments, and birthdays. Our goal this year is to cover Christmas and be able to provide for gifts throughout the entire year, leaving no child behind.

With your donation, I will give you a free set of brand new flags.

You can donate online by clicking below, or at the field to the score keeper.  The team that gets the most donations (at least 50% of their roster) will get dry-fit jerseys/tshirts paid for by me.

Do it.  Do it for the kids.


Week 6 Lines


12:45Showtime! (-2)/DRDeal



4:00 Predators /United (-4) 

5:15  CMB (-14)/Wrap it up



10:15 Empire/RBI (-1) 

11:30 Brute Squad (-16)/Cavs

12:45 Speed (-2) /Redzone 

7:40   Knightz (-2)/Rich Fire




6:30Primetime (-4)/SWP

7:40 804rce (-1)/Justice Leagu

8:50 l&l/Go Bots (-17) 


Dorey 2

6:30 Hometown (-10)/Cougars


8:50 Poor B/ (-6)Toughspects


Winter League Details 

Cold? it aint cold. 

Hey all, I wanted to let everyone know that we will have two styles of play for the winter

--8 man eligible (what we play now)


--5 on 5. This will be played with same rules as current coed, without the coed requirement with some minor modifications to adhere to the national USFTL tournament rules. Girls are welcome to play, and the gender scores still apply (girl TDs are 9 pts and XPs/safeties are doubled); but teams may play with any combination of males and females. THERE IS NO GENDER REQUIREMENTS

The 5 on 5 league is a much faster game, no blocking, rushers must be 7 yards off the ball. You get one first down at midfield, and the games are played with a 37 minute running clock (3 minute halftime) I am looking to expand this and send teams to regional and national tournaments; 5 on 5 is the most popular style of play in the country, and is unrepresented in Virginia.

Cost will be cheaper than the existing 8 on 8 at $400 per team, no roster max. For game rules see http://www.cvfa.vffa.com/league/page674

You are welcome to play both. If your 8 on 8 team has a paid bid/league credit earned you may use it for 5 on 5.

The winner of the 5 on 5 championship will get a paid bid to the 5 on 5 regional championships April 15th in DC. The top 4 will all receive bids, but only the top will be paid.  


Week Five, Wow.
Week five.... brought wow.  two matchups of 4-0 teams?  You couldnt have scripted this any better; one was a blowout, and one came down to the wire.  In the A, forfeits were the story; but the B league action did not disappoint as a slew of great games and incredible individual efforts were on tap today including a record setting performance, two other near-records and close games all around.

So sit back, sip your coffee, make sure your boss isnt looking, and read on......  
Don't worry man, you set a record

Game of the Week
Richmond Fire Vs Cougars.

The game between the Cougars and Richmond Fire was a hotly contested affair from the beginning as the Cougars yearned to prove they were better then their 0-4 record, and Richmond Fire wanted to cement their place atop the B.  Richmond was unable to score on their first possession after driving in the red zone after three straight incomplete passes.  The Cougars were also stopped on their first drive after an interception by QB #1 Eric Ross.  The Cougars scored on their second possession on a controversial play where the qb-center exchange left the ball in the center Rondell White, #42's hands and he ran it in from 20 yards out.
Both Defenses were on Point Monday

Richmond responded with a score as well  after a long completion from Ross to Bailey Martin got them in the red zone, The fire got on the board with a 7 yard run by Ross where he performed a Triple Axel Jump earning him a 9.2 from the judges.  The Cougars scored again before the half on a 7 yard pass from #99 to #8 making it 13-6. 


Ross did his thing with a triple spin that scored
The second half was largely a stalemate till late in the game.  Richmond could not convert after having first and goal on two seperate drives and the Cougars were forced to punt on most of their second half possessions.  The Fire climbed back into the game after Trae Kenney sacked 99 for a safety after a timely interception by #8 on the one. The safety drew Richmond to within 5 with only a few minutes left in the game when, after the free kick Ross connected with D'Angelo Washington on a 15 yard pass to set up a go ahead 16 yard strike from Ross to Antoine Bediako.  Richmond kicked the extra point making the score 15-12 with about two minutes to play.
Martin sets up 4th and goal
The Cougars responded walking down the field in 7 plays using out of bounds and timeouts wisely.  A pass from 99 to #8 again looked as if he were going to score when Bailey Martin, #11 pulled his flag at the three forcing fourth down. The Cougars down 3 with no kicker went for the win as 99 got under center then drew the rush back and hit the center White for his second TD of the day. 
White Catches the Game Winner

The 19-15 win moved the Cougars to 1-3 and Richmond to 3-2 heading into the home stretch of the regular season.

Game Recaps
As Told by the Ones That Were There

Knightz (4-0) Vs Raptors (4-0).
A Battle for Top B League Billing, Part 1.

The Raptors have amassed themselves a nice run of four victories in a row knocking off bottom teams easily and besting better teams with improbable victories.  Conversely, the Knightz have started up where they left off after their championship runner-up finish in the spring.  Many said that the Raptors aren't as good as their 4-0 record suggests, and this gave them a chip on their shoulder; well this was their chance to prove the haters wrong.

The Knightz started off with a long 4th down completion by Tim Ruggieri #7 to Michael Jabs #9 to the 1 yard line early; then Tim ran it in for the score on 3rd down. The Raptors marched down field with a few passes to the linemen which has been their bread and butter thus far this season and successfully got on the board with a 22 yard field goal by John Brown, #6.

The Knightz answered quickly with a long completion to Marcus #86 to the two yard line, then on the next play Tim connected with Jabs again for the short score.

The next Raptors drive stalled as they got away from the short passing game, and time ran out on the Knightz scoring attempt.

To start the second half The Knightz got down field on some runs and short passes, then after a long option run by Brandon, Tim ran it in on 3rd down and short to go up 20-3.  It appeared that the Raptors were not used to playing from behind as they began to move into desperation mode despite time on the clock when they tested Jabs one on one deep, resulting in an interception.

After a failed field goal, the Raptors had another attempt to score with a new QB at the helm, but threw a redzone INT to seal the game.

Looks like the Raptors have some work to do if they want to compete with the top dogs in the B.

Final Score: 20-3

Brute Squad (4-0) Vs GoBots (4-0).
A Battle for Top B League Billing, Part 2.

Defending B league champs Brute Squad started this game playing two opponents, the GoBots and their MVP candidate TJ#19, and the lack of their QB Matt McKenna #18.  GoBots, after a disappointing run in last season's A league decided to drop to B and give it a run. Both teams found themselves at 4-0, with a week 5 clash for the top seeds.

To start the game, Brad #19 tried his hand at qb putting up respectable numbers but not moving the ball, turning it over on downs.  The GoBots responded with a slant to the house from Chuck Samson, #1 to their dread-clad WR with no number. 

Brute scored on their next drive as Gamlin #19 threw a swing pass to Coop #20 who zig zagged through the defense for a 55 yard TD but failed on the XP.

The GoBots answered on a long TD pass to TJ, taking advantage of a height difference (6'5 vs 5'8) which was called back on a penalty.  Despite the difference, Wilmer DeVerra #4 held TJ without a catch the entire game.  GB drove the field then scored on a 1 yard TD pass but missed the XP going up 13-6.

In the second half Coop took over at qb throwing a controversial interception at the goal line (offense wins a tie), but atoned quickly with an interception of his own.  Coop hit Philly #8 who also zigzagged through the defense for a 42 yard TD of his own with less than 2 minutes left.  They lined up for the tying XP when Coop threw a bullet to the front of the endzone, Brett Banton from GB jumped over the shoulder of the receiver and swatted the pass to the ground keeping the lead.

Brute needed a stop with all their timeouts but Reggie, #50 scampered for 26 yards then Chuck #1 ran for a first down of his own, sealing the victory.

Final Score: 13-12.

Overheard at the Field


Oh, Get a room

{breaking the huddle in a coed game} 

"I smell coconut...." {female player}

"Yeah, that's my shampoo" {male player}

".......{blank stare...everyone} 

-Team Ramrod Players 



"He ain't fast, but he ain't exactly slow either"

 -Coop about his stand-in QB Sunday


 "You got Moss-ed by Seth Rogan."      

-a fan


 "come on Marcus, get your jersey dirty."   

-Knightz player

"Who won?

"We did."

"YAY!!!! Everyone gets ice cream!"    

-Cougars player and fan


 "Ok, we are going to commercial now; sorry for the rudeness."   

-DRD player

 "Really #9....REALLY???"   

-Commish's son heckling Iverson


Don't mess with me 9, you couldn't handle it.


"Dude, get him some Xanax."

-a fan about the Predators QB 

You are slow. You are weak  Get Faster. Get Stronger.

Top Plays


10. As time expired in the first half, the United QB scrambles to elude the rush then finds #4 over the middle who spins and spins and spins into the endzone.


9.   Late in the game, River City's new guy Marcus catches A 32 yard td to seal the game.   


8.   Philly from Brute Squad takes a quick hitch 55 yards to the house zigging and zagging through the GoBots defense much like Coop did a few minutes earlier.  

#10, Pirouets all around

7.   Corey, CMB#8 takes his second hitch to the house; 35 and 27 yards. 

#7, Corey lights up Da Real Deal

6.    In the one bright spot form Empire, Finney zig zags and otherwise embarrasses defenders 54 yards for the late TD 


5. Thad from Justice League breaks on an overthrown out route and tip-toe drag catches the second of his interceptions.  


4. In position for the game winning conversion, Brute Squad's Coop #20 throws a dart on the front of the endzone when Brett Banton from GoBots leaps over the receiver and swats the ball harmlessly to the ground sealing the victory.   


 3.   CMB's QB hits the receiver in the endzone for the 2 point conversion with the Magic Johnson no-look 

#3, Now he sees you, now he don't

 2.  Maurice splits the CMB line again to get his 6th sack of the game, setting the per game record by 2 over the previous mark. 

#2: Take a breather, Big Man--you deserve it


 And Week 5's top play:


With less than 15 seconds left, down 4, on fourth down, after two goal line stands, the Cougars QB patiently stands in the pocket under heavy pressure then throws a bullet to the center, #42 Rondell White for 8 yards for the game winning score. 

#1: Drama


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