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Thank you for your continued patronage of the CVFA!  What follows is our league's "sportscenter", I hope you enjoy!




New Flags are on sale at the field for $10 each. 

Pocketless shorts are for sale at the field for $10.   


Also we have Nike Super speed gloves for $35,  


CVFA HOODIES!!!!! tshirts and hats, as well   




Brad Gamlin

Central Virginia Football Association 

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RPA Power Rankings
Week 6 Lines
Winter League Details
Game of the Week
Top 10 Plays
Charity Corn Hole Tournament
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Player of the Week

Matt Welch, L&L 
2 TDs, 2 INTS in upset win
RPA Rankings

A League Overall Rankings  

Computer Poll  
rankteam namerank calculation
3Speed Kills79.2+sos(21.6)=100.8
4River City51.6+sos(30.8)=82.4
5Poor Boys51.5+sos(28.7)=80.2
9Shoulda Went Pr25.2+sos(32.1)=57.3
11Redzone Raiders9.4+sos(24.6)=34.0


B League Overall Rankings    

Computer Poll  
rankteam namerank calculation
2Brute Squad94.2+sos(20.1)=114.3
4Go Bots91.9+sos(15.6)=107.5
8Richmond Fire54.6+sos(28.5)=83.1
10Da Real Deal43.4+sos(31.2)=74.6
13Justice League28.2+sos(27.8)=56.0
16Chester Cavs-1.8+sos(31.9)=30.1
17Wrap it Up-17.0+sos(39.1)=22.1

Stats were unavailable at press time
Free Flags, Donations for the Children's Hospital

Hey everyone, This fall we as a league are participating in a toy drive for the Children`s Hospital of VA.  I am collecting donations for $30 packages which provides toys for one child for an entire year.  

Last year, we did this fundraiser for the first time and were able to provide a quality educational toy to every child at both hospitals! Not only were we able to cover Christmas, but we were able to provide gifts for a quarter of the year for completing major milestones such as Chemotheapy, other treatments, and birthdays. Our goal this year is to cover Christmas and be able to provide for gifts throughout the entire year, leaving no child behind.

With your donation, I will give you a free set of brand new flags.

You can donate online by clicking below, or at the field to the score keeper.  The team that gets the most donations (at least 50% of their roster) will get dry-fit jerseys/tshirts paid for by me.

Do it.  Do it for the kids.


Week 6 Lines


12:45Showtm(2-3) -2 CMB (3-2)  

10:15Predtrs (2-3) 804 (4-1)  -3        

11:30 RBI(2-3) -1Rdzne (1-4)           

5:15 Empire(2-3) Primet(5-1) -21      



5:15 JRE(2-2)-10 Speed (3-1)  

6:30 DRD(2-3)Knightz (5-0)  -6        

7:40 Raptors (4-1)-2 United (2-2)    

8:50 United (2-2) -4 Wrap it up (0-5)


6:30 RiverCity(3-3)-8 Takover (1-3)

7:40 JL (2-4) push Cougars (1-4)   

8:50 l&l (1-5) -2 Cavs (1-4)                 

Dorey 2

6:30 Brute (4-1) -2 RFire (3-3)  

7:40 Homet (4-1) -1 Go Bots (5-1)  

8:50 SWP (2-4) Poor Boys (3-3) -14

Winter League Details 

Cold? it aint cold. 

Hey all, I wanted to let everyone know that we will have two styles of play for the winter  


--7 man downfield blocking  Saturdays ($550, no stats)


--8 man eligible ($700, stats, state bids)

--5 on 5, saturdays ($400, no stats).  


This will be played with same rules as current coed, without the coed requirement with some minor modifications to adhere to the national USFTL tournament rules. Girls are welcome to play, and the gender scores still apply (girl TDs are 9 pts and XPs/safeties are doubled); but teams may play with any combination of males and females. THERE IS NO GENDER REQUIREMENTS

The 5 on 5 league is a much faster game, no blocking, rushers must be 7 yards off the ball. You get one first down at midfield, and the games are played with a 37 minute running clock (3 minute halftime) I am looking to expand this and send teams to regional and national tournaments; 5 on 5 is the most popular style of play in the country, and is unrepresented in Virginia.

Cost will be cheaper than the existing 8 on 8 at $400 per team, no roster max. For game rules see http://www.cvfa.vffa.com/league/page674

You are welcome to play both. If your 8 on 8 team has a paid bid/league credit earned you may use it for 5 on 5.

The winner of the 5 on 5 championship will get a paid bid to the 5 on 5 regional championships April 15th in DC. The top 4 will all receive bids, but only the top will be paid.  


Registration Information


Deposits of $200 are due by December 21st either online or in person at the league signups 


Balance due January 4th either online or at the in person signups.   


If your players want to pay individually they MUST either sign up online or at one of the in person registrations.




All teams are now required to provide their own flags.


Flag sets can be purchased from the league for $45 per dozen and can be ordered at signups. 


Week Six, For Real This Time.
Week six brought games to the wire, the league's first 5 on 5 game, and an upset or two, or three....or four....

So sit back, sip your coffee, make sure your boss isnt looking, and read on......  
The Fog Rolls in on Week 6

A League Game of the Week
Toughspects vs Poor Boys.
A chance to prove themselves.

The hybrid team has won some games this season, but few still had their doubts to whether or not they had achieved that elite league status, well Monday they had the chance to put doubters to rest.
The contest started with PB moving the ball and scoring easily on a pass from Davy Martin #7 to #1 Bo Jones, and onlookers thought that TS may be in over their head until they answered marching the field in four plays with a TD pass to Christian #2 from Mark Adams #1.   
Christian puts TS on the board

The two teams traded short drives on 4 and outs and an interception, then PB scored in two plays with a 17 yard run by Martin up the middle.  TS got the ball back and drove the field primarily with a 35 yard catch by #19, Rashad Winston who caught the TD on a spectacular 11 yard jump ball with 10 seconds left in the half.


Winston Mosses for the go-ahead score
In the second half, the two teams traded haymakers, neither willing to back down, but the 2-for-1 TS got at halftime had PB playing catchup.  BT had a drive which stalled late in the second half with them opting to go for it instead of trying the short FG which ended in a bad snap.  PB answered quickly with a lineman pass to Shawn Riley #16 who rumbled for a 39 yard TD to put PB up 26-21 with under 2 minutes left which, like playing Madden, seemed to up everyones player values and brought on an onslaught of scoring.
Riley breaks away
Built tough took the lead with under a minute left after a 55 yard drive when a 28 yard scamper by Adams set up a one yard run to take the 27-26 lead with under a minute left. 
On the ensuing short kickoff, PB was left with a short field which Martin capitalized on with passes to his two linemen, then took the ball up the middle for 28 yards with 44 seconds left down to the one.  The next play he took the direct snap and easily walked in for the score on what was considered a blown call for illegal procedure.
Down at the 1
Instead of getting ready to score with 22 seconds left, many were arguing the call, and giving up in frustration.  TS got the ball on their own 30 with 22 seconds.  On the first play, Christian nearly came down with a TD pass deep in the endzone when it was batted away by Jones, saving the game.  After another pass to Christian ended in a 27 yard pickup; with no time outs, the game and their perfect season ended.
Final score 34-27.

B League Game of the Week
L&L (0-5) Vs GoBots (5-0).
That's Why They Play the Game.

Undefeated vs zero wins; easy W, right? Not so fast my friend as the new L&L team finally started gelling and learning the game and were not intimidated by the top ranked GoBots. 

"While we had a strong showing against a hell of a rush - geeze those guys bull rushed us like nobody's business - it was the play of two guys who really sealed this victory for us this week" Said QB and captain Brian Cannon speaking of Matt Welch and Pat Henry who had all-star-esque performances Monday night.  Welch stole one pick in the first half and burned the corner at the end of the game to put L&L in scoring range.  The second - Pat Henry had two picks over the middle to shut down deep ball options of GoBots.

The first half was a ton of offensive struggles for L&L as they worked to figure out a rush like they'd never seen before.  Their defense held firm on a goal line stand with a pick from Matt Welch.  GoBots did finaly score late in the first but was answered by a great kick return by L&L who then chipped away to score before the half on a pass to Aaron Thorton from the 5 yard line.  Tie Game at half - 8 to 8.

The second half was dominated by Henry's two picks and excellent disciplined defensive play which didn't get beat by trickery, and through methodical offense found themselves up 21 - 8.  With about five minutes GoBots drove the field and scored and got the extra point on the feet of their dynamic QB Chuck Samson.  
They cut the lead to six - 21-15

L&L got the ball back and tried to run out the clock unsuccessfully with an untimely three and out, leaving the door open for the comeback.  With a little over two minutes, GoBots moved down the field and scored on an awesome jump ball pass to their dreadlocked WR.  They unsuccessfully tried for the extra point, so the game was tied with 47 seconds to go.  On second down, Cannon launched a deep ball up the right sideline whcih was pulled down by Welch going out of bounds at the 6.  L&L edged forward and with just two seconds left threw a TD again to Welch.  Gobots got the ball back, but with two seconds on the clock, really didnt have a shot.
Final Score 27-21

Showtime (1-3) Vs DaRealDeal (4-0).
Time to get back on track.

At 1-3 and coming off a bad loss with only 7 players, Showtime knew it needed to get off to a fast start against a team with a lot of speed and great athletes.  Fortunately, they did just that scoring on all three of their first half drives in what quickly became apparent was going to be a shootout. 

Showtime had two really nice catch and runs by Pete Reese and Chad Fisher, and a scramble into the end zone just before halftime to grab the lead by Jason Bratton.  The second half was more of the same with Showtime scoring on all of its first three possessions, but Da Real Deal kept pace and matched each of those scores.  Chad Fisher had two more nice catch and runs for TDs, giving him 3 TDs on the day and Chris Giacchi hauled in a long TD bomb.  The defense did just enough to maintain the lead and Showtime was able to practice its victory formation a few times to run out the clock and get them back into the over .500 playoff contention.

Final score Showtime 39, DRD 30

Knightz (4-0) Vs Richmond Fire (3-2).
A Heavyweight Bout 

A short-handed Richmond Fire tried to hand the Knightz their first loss of the season Sunday on the feet of their star QB, #1 Eric Ross.  The Knightz showed early on it why teams have had a hard time scoring on them and forced Richmond to turn the ball over on downs.  The Knightz scored on a 14 yard run by QB #14 Tim Ruggieri.  Richmond was able to tie the game late in the first half when Eric Ross scored on a 22 yard run.  The Knightz scored on their first possession when Ruggieri scored on a 24 yard pass to MVP candidate #9 Michael Jabs.  Richmond responded and tied the game by scoring on an impressive impromptu 14 yard hook and lateral.  The Knightz regained the lead when Marcus Johnson #86 scored to make the score 21-14 with a 2:04 left in the game.  Richmond rallied in the two minute situation and got into a 1st and Goal situation with time winding down.  On fourth and goal the Knightz were able to stop an Eric Ross run 1 yard short of the endzone to preserve the win and keep their undefeated (5-0) season intact.  Richmond dropped to 3-3 for the year. 

Overheard at the Field


"He got a hat trick..or a turkey in bowling"  

-a fan about HT#9  


"You guys are running that "that was your man" defense"



"You got down to the one, now Emmitt Smith will come in and get your TD"         

-a player

"Why are you on kickoffs?"

"I'm the wedge buster"

 -Knightz player   


"Damn.... endzone's looking real big right now"

     -a player defending the win


 "That's not too bad for a chump"      

-Ron Lee

 "Nah....F%&K that...come pray with us"      

-a player who is slightly ironic 


 "Davy missed a flag? the guy was pretty slow, it was like a change-up pitch."   

-Knightz player

"Come on Shankopotamus!"    

-a player


 "I know they didnt teach you that at Bridgewater... they catch the ball there."   

-a player

"DAAAAMN that guy hits hard."
"Yeah, he played for that Packers."
"Well that jsut not fair."

 "If you had one of those new 4G phones, you wouldn't still be loading"   

-Rusty to 2.1 

Time for an upgrade


"Why aren't you dressed to play? Did you not make the travel team?"

"No, I have to go to prom."


You are slow. You are weak  Get Faster. Get Stronger.

Top Plays


6.  Up 6 with the Richmond Fire qb scrambling for the tying score as time expired, Michael Jabs from the Knightz dives at the one and backhands the flag sealing the victory. 


5.  Down 5 with less than a minute to go, Davy from Poor Boys takes advantage of man coverage with the QB draw up the middle for 28 yards to set up the first and half a yard which led to the game winning touchdown. 

#5, Davy does his Vick impersonation

4. Brute Squad's QB #18, Matt Mckenna rolls away from the rush to his left then without even planting his feet launches the ball on a rope across his body, across the field 51 yards to Troy LaStrapes who is standing all alone for the TD    

#4, McKenna has a cannon


 3.   Winston #19 from Toughspects catches the go-ahead TD, Randy Moss Style  

#3, Good enough to be shown twice

 2.  in a tie ball game, with less than 20 seconds left, Brian Cannon of L&L airs it out for Matt Welch who beat the man-to-man coverage for a 47 yard pass play setting L&L up to hit him again for the game winner, sealing the improbable upset.  



 And Week 6's top play:


With less than 10 seconds left, down 1, JJ from the predators makes an unbelievable outstretched one handed catch in the endzone between two defenders for the win, dumbfounding everyone in attendance (not pictured). 

#1: JJ makes many a spectacular catch


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