The Game is Changing. Are You Ready to Play?
I've been writing on things changing in our industry for years. It's certainly not a new topic. What is to speak, is that our industry is FINALLY realizing and accepting that it's changing.

In past commentaries I've talked about changing business models, social media, and new communication strategies. In this commentary I'm going to talk about acceptance of a changing game and who's changing it.

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GP2 Silver 400
AdCapitol - Tablecloths
(With End-User Safe Video You Can Share)
(With End-User Safe Video You Can Share)
(With End-User Safe Video You Can Share)
(With End-User Safe Video You Can Share)
Everyone is Welcome to Participate in SuccessFit4Life!

SuccessFit4Life! was created to share, inspire and motivate people on their health and wellness journey. Taking care of ourselves is good for our personal and professional lives.

Post what you are doing to stay active on the FPT Promotional Products industry Facebook Group
Posting is not about you, it's about encouraging others.

Distributors and Suppliers can Capitalize
on the Hot Health and Wellness Market!  

We have created 
a turnkey corporate program that distributors can offer their clients. This program positions distributors to sell the incentive products that go along with achieving wellness goals. Information is available here! 

Business and organizations can host relationship building  SuccessFit4Life! Fun Run/Walks . These are simple to do. It's perfect for Promotional Products Work! Week .

The response to  SuccessFit4Life! has been overwhelmingly positive. We can have a positive impact inside and outside the industry. Contact us  to learn more.
End-User Safe Videos You Can Easily Share With Your Clients!
In What League are You Playing?
Major League? Minor League? Little League?
Your skills determine your success, 
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Knock on Wood
from Jeff Jacobs - Quality Certification Alliance

If you're like me in this political season, no matter which candidate or party you follow, one thing you know for sure - the volume is turned up LOUD, and the rhetoric is in overdrive. Like an old journalist friend used to joke, "never let the truth get in the way of a good story."

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Magna-Tel  Techno Collection

Techno-Collection Sheets are a great way to hand out skins when you are not sure what device everyone has. 

These unique decals are made of a low tack removable vinyl that will adhere to laptops and other devices along with most other clean, flat, smooth surfaces such fridges and glass. 

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6 Design Terms You Should Know
W hile graphic design is a skill I would love to say I have, sadly I can barely resize an image. However, we have some amazing designers here at SAGE that gave me the inside scoop on the most common questions people have regarding the terminology used when discussing artwork.
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