"The theology of water is a rich subject with deep biblical and practical resonance. As we see throughout this issue, water can represent God and chaos, judgment and virtue. Water can be ritually purifying and physically destructive. Water is both an expansive symbol for theology and a very practical requirement for life."

Scott Bader-Saye and Barbara Ridpath
Guest Editors

"In the world’s cathedrals we have a Christian resource for making a global response as we work together to learn from each other, to train one another, and to share resources in working for justice in God’s world. The Just Water program is a first fruit of this vision. I hope that this issue of the Anglican Theological Review will serve not just a testimony to what was done, but as a further resource and a call to action in response to the need for justice and hope for the world."
David Ison, Dean
St. Paul's Cathedral London

"All around our planet children are growing up in a world where water is becoming a commodity, not a right. Add climate change and sea level rise to the issue of clean water access and you get a sense of the global challenge before us. Under the umbrella of Just Water , it is my hope that faith communities and leaders will engage with these issues, both in their neighborhoods and on a global scale. The more we work together with those who share our concern for God’s creation and the human lives it sustains, the greater our capacity for good. This issue of the Anglican Theological Review will help ensure that the work we began continues to flourish."
William Lupfer, Rector
Trinity Church Wall Street, New York
David Ison
William Lupfer
Winston Halapua
John Rodwell
Lorraine Kingsley
James Jones KBE
Scott Bader-Saye
Edmund Newell
Ched Myers
Mick Pope
Jame Schaefer
Thabo Makgoba
Heather Patacca
Catherine Coleman
Sam Brannon
Brandon Mauai
Nakiya Wakes
Pablo Genovés
LaToya Ruby Frazier
Imtiaz Dharker
Christine Potter
Ann Struthers
Paul Willis
William Ayres
David Culwell
Pamela S. Wynn
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