CA DWR Increases State Water Project Allocations
The Department of Water Resources (DWR) announced a statewide increase in State Water Project (SWP) allocations for 2018. SWP contractors can now expect to receive 30 percent of their requests, up from the initial 15 percent allocation in December and the 20 percent announced in January.

The state’s major reservoirs continue to be well above their historical averages. San Luis Reservoir, the largest off-stream reservoir in the United States where water is stored for the SWP and Central Valley Project (CVP), is at 89 percent of capacity. Shasta Lake, the CVP’s largest reservoir, is at 92 percent of capacity. Lake Oroville is at 67 percent of capacity. New Melones Lake is at 86 percent of capacity.

DWR’s California Data Exchange Center website provides current water conditions at the state's largest reservoirs and weather stations and measures current rain and snow precipitation.
USBR Updates 2018 CVP Water Allocations
Following late season storms, the Bureau of Reclamation today issued updated allocations for Central Valley Project contractors for the 2018 contract year.

North of the Delta, In-Delta, and American River
Reclamation has increased the allocation for agricultural water service contractors to 100 percent. This includes contractors throughout the Trinity, Shasta, Sacramento River, American River and Delta divisions of the CVP.

South of Delta
Reclamation has increased the allocation for agricultural water service contractors to 40 percent of their contract total. In order to promote effective use of supplies in San Luis Reservoir this year and efficiency for next year’s operations, Reclamation is planning to limit the overall amount of water in San Luis Reservoir that is rescheduled at the end of the contract year into the 2019 contract year to 150,000 acre-feet. 

Friant Division
On April 10, Class 1 water allocation was increased from 60 percent to 100 percent, and Class 2 water is also currently being made available to assist in managing reservoir conditions and river releases.
RMA Informational Memorandum
PM-18-023: 2018 Price B for Cotton Quality Adjustment

In accordance with the Special Provisions for Upland and ELS Cotton, Price B has been established for 2018. Approved Insurance Providers must use the applicable Price B for quality adjustment purposes from the linked memorandum. For AZ and CA, Price B for Upland and ELS Cotton are as follows:

Upland Cotton Price B
AZ: $0.5555
CA: $0.5745

ELS Cotton Price B
AZ: $0.7977
CA: $0.7977
CA Almond Acreage Report
California’s 2017 almond acreage is estimated at 1,330,000 acres, up 7 percent from the 2016 acreage of 1,240,000. Of the total acreage for 2017, 1,000,000 acres were bearing and 330,000 acres were non-bearing. Preliminary bearing acreage for 2018 was estimated at 1,070,000 acres. 

Nonpareil continued to be the leading variety, followed by Monterey, Butte, Carmel, and Padre. 

Kern, Fresno, Stanislaus, Merced and Madera were the leading counties. These five counties had 73 percent of the total bearing acreage. 

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