This version of the Global Ag Report covers important updates from this year's Davis RO Update Meeting, price changes, SPOI updates, pistachio updates, cherry updates, and WFRP updates. All of this will be covered in more detail at our Agent Training Meetings in the Fall and Winter but if you have any immediate questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. 
RY 2018 Davis RO AIP Update Meeting Notes
Condensed notes from the Davis RO AIP meeting on 08/24/2017 are linked below. Topics covered include:
  • RY 2017 Highlights
  • WRCO Compliance Updates
  • Davis RO Underwriting Guidelines
  • Written Agreement Handbook Updates
  • Crop Insurance Handbook Updates
  • Actuarial Updates
  • Whole Farm Revenue Protection Updates
8/31 and 10/31 Contract Change Date Prices and SPOI Filings 
RMA has published prices for crops with a 8/31 contract change date. The almond price decreased 22% to $2.25. Pistachio decreased 2% to $2.05. See the rest by clicking below. 

RMA has also published SPOIs for crops with a 8/31 or 10/31 contract change date. The new SPOIs can be viewed in RMA's Information Browser.
Updated Pistachio Variability Adjustment Factor
The pistachio variability factors have been modified for select CA counties. The pistachio variability factor is used to determine the approved yield in an effort to address the alternate bearing nature of pistachio production. 
Regional Underwriting Guidelines for Category C Crops within the Davis Region for the 2018 Reinsurance Year
For the Davis RO, these Underwriting Guidelines apply to:
  1. 2019 crop year Citrus, Avocados and Macadamia Nut crops; and
  2. 2018 crop year for all other Category C crops in Arizona, California, Hawaii and Utah.
Updated ARH Cherry Provisions and Handbook
RMA has released the following documents for the ARH Sweet Cherry program. These documents provide the official FCIC-approved 2018 and succeeding crop years’ underwriting and administration standards for the ARH Sweet Cherry Pilot Program.
RMA Informational Memorandum
PM-17-049: Rainfall Index and Vegetation Index Basic Provisions and Rainfall Index
Pasture, Rangeland, Forage Crop Provisions Changes Effective for 2018 and
Succeeding Crop Years 

RMA has revised the Rainfall Index and Vegetation Index Basic Provisions to incorporate changes made in the 2014 Farm Bill Final Rule. In addition, language was added to the Basic Provisions and the Pasture, Rangeland, Forage (PRF) Crop Provisions to allow for organic practice to be offered.

The following documents are now available:

In addition to these changes, RMA will be updating the county base values for the intended uses of grazing and non-irrigated hay under the PRF program. This update will change the county base value from a state level price to a sub-state level price for all states for the 2018 crop year.
RMA Informational Memoradum
PM-17-050: Whole-Farm Revenue Protection (WFRP) Pilot Plan of Insurance Modifications for the 2018 Policy Year

RMA has revised the Whole Farm Revenue Protection (WFRP) plan of insurance for the 2018 policy year and has made the following modifications and clarifications to the WFRP policy:
  • Modified the definition of late fiscal filer to include producers with tax years that begin September through December and the early fiscal filer definition to include producers with tax years that begin February through August.
  • Added a fall sales closing date of November 20 for late fiscal filers.
  • Changed the method of handling indemnity amounts from private policies to include only the portion of the indemnity in excess of the WFRP deductible as revenue to count for WFRP.
  • Minor corrections and clarifications.

By the close of business August 31, 2017, the following materials will be available on the RMA Web site (
  • Whole-Farm Revenue Protection Pilot Policy
  • Whole-Farm Revenue Protection Frequently Asked Questions
  • All Actuarial Information
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