Draft Policyholder Letter
The 12/08/2017 Global Ag Report covered a handful of changes for 2018 to:
  • Conservation Compliance;
  • Prevented Planting +10 Percent Option (PT);
  • Unit Structure; and
  • 10 Percent Yield Limitation (cups)

As required by the Basic Provisions, Global Ag must notify policyholders of these changes. To meet this requirement, Global Ag will be issuing a written notice by mail to all policyholders next week. A draft of the letter has been linked below for review. Please let us know if you have any feedback.

Also note that the letter references www.GlobalAg.com/updates. This web page will be updated before the letters are mailed out.
If you are unable to open or view documents, you may need to install  Adobe Reader.

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