Possible Government Shutdown
I wanted to send you a brief update regarding the possible government shutdown and its impact on Global Ag and your growers. As we head into the weekend with no apparent Congressional compromise in sight, I want to assure you that we remain committed to providing outstanding service and support to our agents, policyholders and partners. To that end I thought it would be helpful to share the following with you:

  • Global Ag will continue to adjust, process, and pay all claims. Although RMA may cease operations and stop funding claims, we acknowledge and understand the cash flow implications this would have for your growers. XL Catlin is one of the top-rated and largest companies in the Federal crop insurance program, and thus we are well positioned to fund operations for the duration of any government shutdown.
  • It’s important to note that the RMA will not extend nor change normal program deadlines or procedures; most of those are contractual and binding irrespective of the shutdown. This includes sales closing dates, acreage and production reporting dates, termination dates, and written agreement deadlines. Please continue to process and transmit business as usual.
  • Unlike the last shutdown in 2013, RMA hopes to keep a skeleton crew active during the shutdown. This means that most IT systems should stay up and running, including PASS and their website. In the event the website does go offline, we will make copies of policies, handbooks, and other important program information available to you.

We are hopeful that Congress will reach a compromise tonight and that RMA will remain open for business. However, even in the event of a prolonged shutdown, rest assured that Global Ag will continue to provide outstanding service and support to you and your growers during these uncertain times. Have a great weekend and let’s all hope that Congress moves quickly to resolve this budget impasse.

Jordan Roach
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