RMA Informational Memorandum

PM-17-009:Whole Farm Revenue Protection (WFRP) and Catastrophic Risk Protection for Winter Type Wheat and Similar Commodities

To ensure actuarial soundness, the Whole Farm Revenue Protection (WFRP) policy is not available to producers with a Catastrophic Risk Protection (CAT) policy for any crop that would be insurable under WFRP. Questions have been raised regarding producers that have a CAT policy in effect for winter wheat in counties where spring wheat is not insurable and no wheat was planted during the planting period for winter wheat. 

RMA Informational Memorandum
PM-17-014: Whole-Farm Revenue Protection (WFRP) and Pre-Existing Conditions

RMA was asked whether WFRP provides coverage of pre-existing causes of loss on a farm operation. The WFRP policy has requirements for producers to identify any damage to annual and perennial commodities insured under WFRP. Once a pre-existing condition or damage is identified, adjustments to the expected revenue is required via the Farm Operation Report to account for such damage. There are also procedures in the WFRP handbook to help in determining pre-existing damage or conditions.

RMA Informational Memorandum

PM-17-015: 2016 Crop Year Actual Revenue History (ARH) Sweet Cherry Annual Price

The Risk Management Agency (RMA) is issuing the following Annual Prices for crop year 2016:

Sweet Cherries (Fresh) 

  • California: $1.24 per pound
  • All Other States: $1.05 per pound

Sweet Cherries (Processing)

  • All States: $0.40 per pound
Davis RO Updated 2016 State Profiles
RMA’s Davis, CA Regional Office has released updated 2016 crop year profiles for the following states:
Spokane RO Updated 2016 State Profiles
RMA’s Spokane, CA Regional Office has released updated 2016 crop year profiles for the following states:
2017 NCIS AZ/CA/NV Regional/State Committee Annual Meeting 
The Arizona/California/Nevada Regional/State Committee met in Monterey, CA, February 21 and 22. Forty members from ten member companies were in attendance. Norm Groot, Executive Director of the Monterey County Farm Bureau (MCFB), addressed the group on the importance agriculture commodities in the county, water projects, and the 100th Anniversary of the MCFB. Sandy Sanchez, Director of the Davis Western Regional Compliance Office, provided an update on compliance. Jeff Yasui, Director, and Bob Smith, Davis Regional Office, presented an update of topics including large claim reviews, trends over the past three years, water allocations and premium changes on almonds and walnuts. The committee voted on several recommendations. Mark Flohr, committee liaison, provided the NCIS update.
2017 Ag Outlook RMA Crop Insurance Panel Review
The USDA Risk Management Agency hosted a special panel of credit services representatives to discuss farm safety net issues at the 93rd annual Agricultural Outlook Forum (AOF) held in Arlington, Virginia February 23 through February 24, 2017. The AOF is widely known as USDA’s largest annual meeting with approximately 30 sessions open to the more than 1700 people that attended this year’s event. 
Report: Demand exceeds supply for organic crops

American production of organic and non-GMO crops isn't keeping pace with demand, a new CoBank study indicates. Many growers are hesitant to make the conversion to organic crops due to the lengthy, multi-season transition process, the report said.

Legislators question delay in Perdue Cabinet confirmation 

Legislators are questioning why the nomination for Sonny Perdue as USDA secretary hasn't made it to the confirmation stage, asking why the administration has not yet submitted Perdue's paperwork to the Senate. "We need a champion for agriculture, we need him on board," said Senate Agriculture Committee Chairman Pat Roberts, R-Kan.

Conaway: Trump "wants a strong farm bill" 
Although President Trump didn't discuss farming during his Congressional address last week, creating a robust farm bill is of paramount concern to him, said House Agriculture Committee Chairman Mike Conaway during a speech at the Commodity Classic. "He wants a strong farm bill," Conaway said of the president's desire to protect the agriculture industry.
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