RMA Informational Memorandum
MGR-17-016: Loss Adjustment for Late Apple Harvest in the Pacific Northwest

Cool spring temperatures in the Pacific Northwest have resulted in the late development and maturity of apples. Because of this, the RMA has been advised that many insured producers will not be able to finish harvest before the calendar date for the end of the insurance period (EOIP) of November 5 (Fuji variety November 10).

RMA has allowed AIPs to authorize insured apple producers in the Pacific Northwest additional time to harvest through November 20 for all apple types, on a case-by-case basis, so that claims may be settled based on harvested production, when the EOIP has passed because of a delay in crop maturity due to an insured cause of loss.

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Managing Catastrophic Risk in Agriculture
Dr. Harun Bulut, Senior Economist, NCIS, has published a peer-reviewed journal article in the Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics (JARE). The article, entitled “Managing Catastrophic Risk in Agriculture through Ex Ante Subsidized Insurance or Ex Post Disaster Aid,” examines a political economy in which government cares about risk-averse farmers’ loss of income but incurs political cost if it provides monetary support (subsidy) to farmers.
New Olive Provisions and Handbooks
RMA has published new documents for Olives:

The primary changes to the Olive program are:
  • Yield exclusion was added to list of yield adjustments that do not apply to olives (unless allowed in the Special Provisions).
  • Added a quality adjustment for oil type olives where oil production has a value of less than 75 percent of the average market price of extra virgin olive oil of the same or similar variety.

These documents are effective for the 2018 and succeeding crop years and is not retroactive to any 2017 or prior crop year determinations.
Davis RO Updated Fact Sheets
RMA's Davis, CA Regional Office has updated crop fact sheets for the following states:
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