June 1, 2017

It's almost time for Jersey Blues-- about two more weeks!
Our local season is under way!
Currently Available:
Arugula, Asparagus, Bok Choy, Cabbages, Collard Greens, Herbs,  Dandelion Greens, Kale, Leeks, Lettuces, Mushrooms, Swiss Chard, and More!
***Please keep in mind that we've just gotten a lot of rain... Local growers just got back out in their fields***


Stay informed on how the weather and other conditions across the country and the globe affect the quality, availability, and price of you fresh fruits and vegetables.
BROCCOLI:   The current cool weather along with lighter plantings (due to winter rains) has reduced supply. Demand is about steady so we currently see some strengthening, but we do not expect the severe market fluctuations of the recent past. Quality is good.

ALERT! BRUSSELS SPROUTS:  Extremely limited supplies from Mexico have caused the market to increase significantly. This will continue until domestic supplies become available in June.
CAULIFLOWER:  The cauliflower market has rebounded from recent lows and is trending higher this week. Supplies have eased back as the recent cool weather has slowed growth in the fields. Demand is steady. Quality has been excellent. We expect the market to remain strong well into the coming week.
ALERT! CELERY:  Demand exceeds supplies and escalated pricing is in effect. California has begun production in a light way. Better supplies are not expected until about 2-3 weeks. Planting gaps due to heavy rains earlier in the year is the direct cause of the current shortages in the industry.
LEMONS:  The Ventura crop is in full production. Size growth has and color (still green) now has all sizes and grades in a demand-exceeds-supply situation. No relief until Chilean fruit begins to arrive late June/early July.
ALERT! ORANGES:  The California Valencia is up and going. Demand remains strong and supplies are limited. Shippers are and will be adjusting their weekly harvest and pack numbers slightly to make this year's light volume crop last through September. We expect very limited supplies of the smaller fruit August though September.
STONE FRUIT:  Weather in California's San Joaquin Valley has been positive for good production albeit slow to start. The wet winter and plenty of cold nights has growers expecting a great CA stone fruit season. Stone Fruit harvesting started slowly in the San Joaquin Valley it's still not up to full speed but in the next couple of weeks we will feel a huge difference in the stone fruit arena. Nectarines, peaches and apricots are being packed. Plums started too and are increasing in volume.




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