November 15 , 2016

Stay informed on how the weather and other conditions across the country and the globe affect the quality, availability, and price of you fresh fruits and vegetables.

ALERT! AVOCADOS:  Mexico continues harvesting steadily. Demand is slow as markets continue to move downward. This is new crop fruit and takes longer for them to ripen and fruit is remaining green when ripe.
BROCCOLI:   The broccoli market is steady with good supplies and good quality reported from all areas. Yuma is beginning and with the recent heat in the desert, quality issues may arise as supplies dwindle out of the Salinas/Santa Maria regions.
BRUSSELS SPROUTS:  The market continues to be steady with adequate supplies from all growing regions. The Salinas area has had some intermittent quality issues reported. California production in the Salinas area will continue through the end of the year.
CAULIFLOWER:  The Salinas area is finishing and beginning to show limited numbers on a daily basis. Santa Maria continues to ship steady volume and Yuma is beginning. The heat in the desert along with the uncertain supply situation have conspired to raise the market out of the Salinas region. Quality is generally good.
KALE:   The kale market is steady as volume remains healthy and quality is reported as excellent from all growing regions.
ALERT! ICEBERG LETTUCE:  Discoloration and ribbing as well as some seeder is already being seen as well as misshapen heads, discoloration, and sporadic weights. Yields are down. 
ALERT! LEAF LETTUCE:  Very warm temperatures in Yuma has caused for seeders approximately 3"+ on leaf items, especially romaine and romaine hearts. Fringe burn, brown spotting, dust, and lower yields are factors that all suppliers are dealing with currently. Salinas will limited production on leaf items. Weights on romaine average 27-34 pounds. Red, green, and butter leaf have moderate weights at best. Production in southern California is moderate. This region has had lower temperatures in the growing regions compared to Yuma and Huron.

ORANGES:  New crop Navels production is now in full swing with all shippers packing. Flavor and
internal color are very good.
ALERT! STRAWBERRIES:  Demand is still exceeding supply. California production volume remains limited as crops transition for the winter and supply is gapping between regions. Quality issues range from soft, overripe and bruised to white shoulder, green tips and misshapen. Fruit will not last as long as you are used to. Quality and shelf life expectation must be adjusted based on what is currently available in the industry. Oxnard winter crop will begin in late November and increase through December. Mexico is producing, but volume making it to the US is still limited.  Florida is still 3-4 weeks away from steady production. This is the time of year where  weather is always a factor and can change production abruptly throughout the growing regions.

Hardier Fall produce items such as arugula, cilantro, Swiss chard, and spinach are finishing up and will be done when we get more frost. Sweet potatoes, hard squashes, cabbage, hardy greens, cranberries, potatoes, and apples are still in season. Most of the rest of our current produce items can all tolerate a bit of frost and will be available through Thanksgiving. Several days in a row of freeze is needed to harm most of the rest of the crops that we still have available. Although cold overnights should now be the norm, we won't have to worry about frost this week. (Source: NJ Dept of Ag.)
Currently Available:

Beets, Cabbage, Collard Greens, Cranberries, Herbs, Kale, & Swiss Chard
Sourced from premier New Jersey growers.

Red, White, & Yukon Gold Potatoes
Sourced from Huntsinger Farms* in Hegins, PA

Hydro Bibb Lettuce
Sourced from Butter Valley Harvest* in Bally, PA
Available all year round!

Fresh Mushrooms
Sourced from Chester County, PA
New York State Apples!  Available varieties include:  Courtland, Empire, Gala, Ginger Gold, McIntosh, and Macoun.
* Huntsinger Farms and Butter Valley Harvest are both "local partners" in our sustainability initiative-- Green Fields Together. For more information, please visit:

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