December 8 , 2016

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Christmas Eve:  Saturday, December 24th
Christmas Day:  Sunday, December 25th
and New Year's Day:  Sunday, January 1st



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Stay informed on how the weather and other conditions across the country and the globe affect the quality, availability, and price of you fresh fruits and vegetables.

ALERT! AVOCADOS:  Mexico's shipments this week are steady with good supplies. Markets are steady for this week, but there is definitely a trend for higher markets next week due to a holiday in Mexico. Also as we ramp up supplies for the Super Bowl pool, there is talks of the markets firming up and tending higher. Quality is excellent with good oil content and an outstanding flavor profile.
BROCCOLI:    Due to optimal growing conditions from all growing regions, supplies remain plentiful of bunched and crowns. This has kept the market competitive. Quality has been really nice with a few occasions of yellowing, dehydration, and bracketing (branchiness to the stalk of the broccoli). This should remain the trend into next week.
BRUSSELS SPROUTS:  Product from Mexico is having arrival issues of black spotting to decay of the sprouts. The market is steady and should trend that way into next week.
ALERT! CAULIFLOWER:  This market continues to be active. There are limited supplies as we enter a supply gap with colder temperatures directly related to this gap. This is expected to continue for the next two weeks.
KALE:   Kale supplies are abundant from all growing regions; quality has been excellent.
ALERT! ICEBERG LETTUCE:  A gap is coming in the next few weeks for this commodity. Weather will play a major factor. There are industry-wide defects worth noting: pink rib, russet spotting, misshapen heads, mechanical, and seeder. Cool weather has hurt the quality as well as the growth time. Temperatures currently are not at freezing points, but is in the near future. Expect a gap in production in the next two to three weeks. The imperial valley is expected to begin production in a week or two.
ALERT! SCALLIONS:  As we approach the Christmas and New Year holiday, labor becomes an issue which will cause a shortage of supplies and trend the market higher.

ORANGES:  The Navel Orange market is steady with good demand and good supplies. Quality is good in all regions. Sizing is mostly large with all areas. The Blood Orange harvest has been delayed as the fruit needs more cold weather to color up properly.
ALERT! STRAWBERRIES:  Demand remains very good for strawberries. Supplies have increased in all areas. Quality has improved from all areas since we have not had any rains lately. Cold temperatures especially in California have been keeping them firm and slow to grow. Stem strawberries are not available anywhere and won't be for several weeks. The market is lower to steady with an overall weakness in it.

STONE FRUITS:   Limited availability of Chilean peaches have become available. Starting January, we expect to have good supplies of Chilean peaches, nectarines, plums and apricots.

Currently Available:

Red, White, & Yukon Gold Potatoes
Sourced from Huntsinger Farms* in Hegins, PA

Hydro Bibb Lettuce
Sourced from Butter Valley Harvest* in Bally, PA
Available all year round!

Fresh Mushrooms
Sourced from Chester County, PA
* Huntsinger Farms and Butter Valley Harvest are both "local partners" in our sustainability initiative-- Green Fields Together. For more information, please visit:










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