November 8 , 2016

Stay informed on how weather and other conditions across the country and the globe affect the quality, availability, and price of you fresh fruits and vegetables.

ASPARAGUS:  Weather is still good in the growing areas in Mexico, volume is declining due to fields closing, market is slightly up on the larger sizes, and sizing is still good. Weather is good in Peru. Volume is good, market is slightly higher.

ALERT! AVOCADOS:  Mexico continues harvesting steadily. Last week they did slow down harvest volume, but shippers do have good supplies on hand of 60s/70s/84s, and decent supplies of 48s. Demand is slow as markets continue to move downward. This is new crop fruit and takes longer for them to ripen and fruit is remaining green when ripe.
BROCCOLI:   There continues to be plenty of supplies from all growing regions. This has kept the markets competitive. Quality is really good with dark green color and minimal yellowing.
CAULIFLOWER:  The demand for cauliflower has remained steady. With Yuma starting production today, it adds another growing region. Thus we have a flat market. Quality has been relatively good despite a few arrivals with black spotting.
KALE:   The kale market is steady from all growing regions. As supplies continue to meet demands expectations, we will transferring to the Yuma growing region in 2 weeks. Quality is excellent with full cartons, minimal yellowing, and little dehydration.
ICEBERG LETTUCE:  Salinas production is finished; Production in Santa Maria is moderate at best. Huron and Yuma lettuce has been good overall. A few misshapen heads and sporadic weights have been reported, but nothing drastic. This commodity is clean, overall with most suppliers. Weights are being reported averaging 41-44 pounds in Huron, while Yuma has been 39-44 pounds, and clean.
Leaf Lettuce:   This market is fluctuating. Quality issues in northern and southern California on romaine, romaine hearts, and all leaf items have been reported. The continued industry-wide issues include: sclerotinia, mildew, twisting, some insect damage, fringe, and tip burn. Weights on romaine are average 28- 33 lbs. Red, green, and butter leaf have had lighter weights reported. Yuma will begin today on romaine. Early reports indicate seeder of 3-4 inches.

RASPBERRIES:  Raspberry supplies are steady with good production volumes out of Southern California and Mexico. Production is peaking over the coming weeks. Quality has been good.
ALERT! STRAWBERRIES:  Demand is exceeding supply. California production volume remains limited as crops transition for the winter and supply is gapping between regions. Mexico production is light way, and the volume making it in to the US is still limited. Berry sizing is very small from Mexico, mid 30s per 1-lb clamshell. Florida is still 3-4 weeks away from steady production, but some ranches will begin to walk fields and pick the initial "mud crop" in the weeks ahead. Weather has been clear in all regions however days are getting shorter and temperatures are beginning to cool down. This is the time of year where weather is always a factor and can change production abruptly throughout the growing regions.
ALERT! STONE FRUIT:  Red plums are all that is left from the domestic stone fruit season. Sizes are limited and prices are high. Quality is holding strong. Supplies are expected to last through this week. Chilean plums, peaches, and nectarines are expected to start by January.

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