Inclement Weather
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due to inclement weather, please contact us.

Alerting us to cancellations allows us to safely re-route
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The Outlook
FLORIDA:  Extended cold temperatures and winds will slow the growth rates throughout the area impacting production and quality. Many of these crops were delayed or had to be replanted after Hurricane Irma ripped through the region in September, disrupting typical planting schedules. Of greatest concern with is the upcoming strawberry crop located in West-Central Florida near Plant City.
For more information, read  The Outlook.
The romaine market started to trend higher but only time will tell with the current media collaboration about the E. coli situation.
Please Note:  As of this time, no recall has been issued.

Brussels Sprouts
Colder weather has hampered growth, causing the market to trend higher.
Quality is excellent.
Supplies will ramp up to peak Chilean production in late January. Quality is good.
Supplies will begin to increase in the next 2 weeks. Quality is good.
This market is trending lower as a result of decreased demand.
Red:  Domestic supplies are winding down rapidly.
Imports have begun and will ramp up this month; quality is excellent.

White:  We expect this to be the last week of good domestic supplies.
Imports will begin coming in as domestic supplies wind down.

Anticipated industry-wide shortage.
Florida - Rain halted production yesterday. The forecast calls for cold mornings over the next few days, which will further delay harvest and affect supplies until the weather warms up and the crops can recover.
California - The current weather and supply shortage in Florida, has increased demand for west coast fruit. With the anticipation of rain in California, we expect strawberry supplies to be extremely limited for the next 7-10 days.   
Southern Florida production continues to improve but the rate of which tomatoes are being harvested has been reduced due to cold weather systems. Large
and Medium rounds are widely available, however XL sizes are tighter. Pricing is expected to come down to "normal" by mid-month pending a weather
event. Limited trucks from Mexico are slowing the pace at which the roma market comes down. Overall quality is very good on all varieties.
Supplies out of Mexico are very low; prices are up.



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