March 22, 2018


Not much change on blueberries this week. Chilean arrivals are expected to stop by next week. Mexico is over their peak and is gradually declining. Baja, California, and Florida will slowly ramp up over the next several weeks. Availability is expected to become limited for the next two weeks as we transition production areas; then we will recover quickly by mid-April.
Although we are experiencing rain in the Salinas and Santa Maria growing regions, the broccoli market is extremely competitive. There are still supplies in Yuma as well as good supplies out of Mexico as well. The quality is really nice with dark green color.

Brussels Sprouts
As supplies decrease from Mexico, supplies out of Oxnard are not enough to fill the void. The market is trending higher but at a slow pace. Quality is excellent with vibrant green color.

Supplies of kale are ample from all growing regions. Quality is excellent with dark green color and full bunches. The market remains extremely competitive too.

The heavy rain and cold weather in California will further delay new harvest from starting in Oxnard, Santa Maria, and Watsonville. We will continue to rely on Mexican production as the main source for raspberries. We do not expect to see any major disruption in availability, but we will continue to see light supplies. Quality has been consistent and good. Market prices have been high but have remained steady over the last week. This will be the case until domestic harvest begins by mid-April.

Iceberg:  Supplies are moderate with many suppliers. Demand is steady. Huron, as well as Santa Maria, is in production and better numbers are expected next week. Yuma will continue for another 2-3 weeks, pending on the shipper. Defects include puffiness, discoloration and irregular shaped heads with this commodity. Other defects include light green color and frost damage. The weights continue to range between 40 -45 pounds. Expect active markets next week.
Romaine:  Romaine continues to have the tightest availability. Romaine hearts are extremely tight. Heavy rains and cool temperatures are expected in Salinas and Oxnard/Santa Maria for the next three days. Huron has started with moderate availability. Better production is expected next week. Salinas will begin harvesting near the end of March.
ALERT! Strawberries
Heavy rains in the California growing regions of Santa Maria and Oxnard will have an immediate impact on supply and quality. Over the next 2 weeks, quality will be fair. With this amount of rain, we can expect to see bruising and soft fruit until we cycle through new growth. As very little fruit being harvested in Mexico and Florida, we are left with little to no options for recovery. Market prices will be higher.



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