September 27, 2016
Seashore has partnered with the region's best growers to provide you with premium locally-sourced commodities!

Currently Available:
Cabbages, Cucumbers, Eggplants, Kale, Lettuces, Peppers, Squashes, Sweet Potatoes, Swiss Chard, and more!
Sourced from Premier New Jersey growers!
Hydro Bibb Lettuce
Sustainability Grown by Butter Valley Harvest * in Bally, PA.
Available all year round!

Red, White, & Yukon Gold Potatoes
Sourced from Huntsinger Farms* in Hegins, PA.

Fresh Mushrooms
"MJB Mushrooms" Avondale, PA / available all year round!

* Butter Valley Harvest and Huntsinger Farms are both partners of Greener Fields Together. For more information on our sustainability inniciative, please visit: or reach out to your sales representative.
Pumpkins and Autumn Ornamentals are now available... and sourced locally!

Jersey Fresh Farm to School Week
This week is the sixth annual Jersey Fresh Farm to School Week. The New Jersey Department of Agriculture will celebrate the week with visits to schools in Morris, Mercer, and Gloucester counties. Farm to School programs are central to exposing students of all ages to fresh fruits and vegetables through school garden activities, nutrition education, and exposure to the local agriculture community. Jersey Fresh Farm to School Week was established in 2010 to highlight New Jersey's rich agriculture history and significance. For more information about Farm to School, visit the New Jersey Department of Agriculture's Farm to School website at

Stay informed on how weather and other conditions across the country and the globe affect the quality, availability, and price of you fresh fruits and vegetables.
ALERT! AVOCADOS:   There continues to be light availability out of Mexico. Supplies are limited and shippers are doing their best; but demand clearly exceeds supply.
ALERT! BLUEBERRIES:   Supply is extremely limited, exceeding demand. We're expecting this to continue for another 2-4 weeks. The industry is gapping as domestic growers end production for the season and imports are not bringing in enough fruit.
BRUSSELS SPROUTS:  This week is beginning with strong demand and light supplies. Pricing will likely increase mid-week. Overall quality has been good.
KALE:  Quality and supplies are very good and demand is minimal.
ICEBERG LETTUCE:   Supplies are good. Just beware that recent hot temperatures in the California growing regions will inevitably cause quality issues to happen.
LEAF LETTUCES:  Hot temperatures will cause stress. Expect to see some fringe and tip burn as well as internal burn on romaine and all leaf items.



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