August 30, 2016
Seashore has partnered with the region's best growers to provide you with premium locally-sourced commodities!

Currently Available:


Jersey Peaches

Circle M Farms in Salem, NJ / available through mid-September.
Jersey Tomatoes
Large Tomatoes from Maugeri Farms in Swedesboro, NJ - or -
Small Tomatoes from Glossy Fruit Farms in Hammonton, NJ
PA Hydro Bibb Lettuce
Sustainability Grown by Butter Valley Harvest in Bally, PA.
Available all year round!

Beets, Bok Choy, Cabbages, Corn, Cucumbers, Greens, Herbs, Eggplants, Kales, Peppers, Radishes, Spinach, Squashes, & more!
Sourced from premier local growers!

Baby Arugula, Baby Kale,
Baby Spinach,  & Spring Mix 
Dan Graiff Farms "Five Star" Newfield, NJ
Food Service & Retail Packs / locally sourced May to Oct.

Fresh Mushrooms
"MJB Mushrooms" Avondale, PA / available all year round!


Stay informed on how weather and other conditions across the country and the globe affect the quality, availability, and price of you fresh fruits and vegetables.
ALERT! AVOCADOS:  Rain continues to delay harvest and is beginning to affect supplies shipping to the States. Mexico's summer crop harvest is declining; the next crop is still very low in maturity and it looks like October before it will be ready to begin. September will be a very short supply month for avocados and hopefully it will get better by October.
ALERT! BLUEBERRIES:  Domestic production is slowing down sharply . Rain events and warm weather over the past few weeks have affected production in both the Pacific Northwest and the Upper Midwestregions. Availability is less than previous weeks and markets continue to strengthen. Overall, quality has been fair to good. There is a small volume of imported blueberries from Peru and Argentina are available.
BROCCOLI:  The broccoli market is unchanged with plenty of supplies. Quality has been really good with average crown size and minimal yellowing from all growing regions.
BRUSSELS SPROUTS:  As we move into peak season, supplies are increasing. The market is trending lower. Quality is excellent with all sizes available and nice green color!
CAULIFLOWER:  The cauliflower market remains steady at current price levels. Supplies are also steady but with any type of demand the market will take off. Quality has been really nice with minimal bruising upon arrivals.
ALERT! CILANTRO: Cilantro supplies are still extremely limited. Quality issues in Mexico and Oxnard such as seeder, yellowing, and dehydration are the major causes. The market remains active.
ICEBERG LETTUCE:   Although this market was gaining strength with the emergence of school business towards the end of last week, this commodity is steady to start the week. Ribbing, insect, mechanical, and puffiness exists but overall these defects have been minimal. Most shippers have above average product that is being harvested. Weights are averaging 42-46 pounds. Stronger markets are expected in the forecast by the middle of the week.
LEAF LETTUCES:  Steady markets is the story on leaf items.  Romaine as well as all leaf items simply continue to struggle as supplies exceed demand. Mechanical, fringe, and tip burn as well as well as minimal insect damage is being reported sporadically, but overall quality has been above average. On average the weights have been  30-35 pounds. Green, red, and butter leaf have had steady weights being reported.
STRAWBERRIES:  Supply is steady. Salinas, Watsonville, and Santa Maria growing regions are all experiencing higher daytime temperatures than previous weeks which will continue to bring on good fruit with good volumes. Production has been exceeding estimate volumes. Overall, quality is good. There have been a few reports of white shoulders, salmon, and dry bruising. Sizing remains smaller with berries in the 20-30 count range; the Santa Maria new crop on the larger end.



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