October 11, 2016
Seashore has partnered with the region's best growers to provide you with premium locally-sourced commodities!

Currently Available:
Bok Choy, Cabbages, Cucumbers, Herbs, Eggplants, Kale,  Lettuces, Squashes, Sweet Potatoes, & more!
Sourced from premier New Jersey growers.

Red, White, & Yukon Gold Potatoes
Sourced from Huntsinger Farms* in Hegins, PA.
Hydro Bibb Lettuce
Sustainability grown Butter Valley Harvest* in Bally, PA
Available all year round!

Fresh Mushrooms
"MJB Mushrooms" Avondale, PA / available all year round!

Pumpkins and Autumn Ornamentals are now available... and sourced locally!
* Huntsinger Farms and Butter Valley Harvest are both "local partners" in our sustainability initiative-- Green Fields Together. For more information, please visit:  www.greenerfieldstogether.org  


The West:  Cooler temperatures are forecast out West as a series of low pressure system move through California this week. This will bring a return of the marine layer near the coast and gusty winds to the interior valleys as these systems move through. A chance of rain is forecast for the latter part of the week mainly to the north of the Salinas Valley. Moderate high pressure over Northern Mexico will bring warming temperatures and dry conditions from Central Mexico to Northern Baja with scattered showers possible late in the week.
The East:  As the remnants of Matthew move off shore high pressure will bring dry conditions to east this week as the region cleans up from the devastation. Tremendous storm surge, rains, and winds have done extensive damage to vast regions as the storm rolled up the East Coast. Clean up, recovery, and crop assessments will take some time to accomplish for the many regions affected.

Stay informed on how weather and other conditions across the country and the globe affect the quality, availability, and price of you fresh fruits and vegetables.

ALERT! Avocados:   Very little harvest has gone on for the last 12 days. A few growers are protesting current regulations in place in terms of harvesting and grower returns/payment. Avocado inventories in the US are running out. Shippers are pro-rating orders to try to stretch out supplies through the week. Availability for next week is uncertain if growers don't start harvesting soon.
Blueberries:  Blueberry shipments from South America are increasing and we are slowly seeing the pipelines begin to recover. Supplies should continue to increase toward mid-late October. Quality has been good on all of the imported blueberries.
Cauliflower:  This market is showing signs of strengthening as many shippers find themselves 7 to 10 days of "normal" harvest schedules. Several suppliers have begun raising prices as they find harvest dropping and demand beginning to accelerate. Quality is generally good.
Iceberg Lettuce:  This market is firming up to begin the week. This market looks to be stronger by the end of the week. Some defects being reported include lightweights, pinking, and slight puffiness. The past high heats have lessened the shelf life of this commodity. You can expect this on value added product as well. Transition is coming upon soon. Huron will begin production with this commodity on October 17th. Yuma is expected to begin production in early November with a few suppliers.
Leaf Lettuce:   Due to high temperature, industry-wide romaine and all leaf items continue to quality defects which include: fringe, tip, and some internal burn. Weights on romaine average 28-32 pounds. Red, green, and butter leaf have had lighter weights reported.

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