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Happy March!  One of my favorite months- in our family we have four birthdays to celebrate, and it is also the two-year anniversary of the first event at The Green Apricot.  Plus, hello, Spring.

As many of you know, there have been a few changes at The Green Apricot recently, and one of them is the newsletter.  It will be coming out just once a month, and Monthly Members get access to it first.  This month that means that they got the info and registration link for The Green Apricot Getaway, Oct 2017 a few days ago, and now you have access to it as well!  There's been tons of interest already, and I haven't even told you where we are going yet!  It's promising to be a beautiful time of year, and a lot of fun.  Hope to see you there- it's limited to 24 people, and that's with sharing a room...  Click on the link below for all of the details, and feel free to send me a note about any questions you may have.

***Please note- because of the weirdness of the system I use, it is possible to overbook.  Therefore, paying a deposit does not guarantee you will get the spot you are asking for.  If that happens, I will refund your deposit promptly.  I will do my best to monitor the situation to avoid overbooking.  

Tool School- Log Cabins and Pineapples

No matter how creative someone may be, they still need to have skills to be able to express themselves, and that's really what Tool School is all about. We'll meet together and talk about techniques and tools that are available in our industry, and how they may, or may not, improve accuracy and efficiency.  This month we will focus on Log Cabin blocks, and their cousin, Pineapple blocks.  We'll talk about the different methods used to make them, and the different tools available on the market.  There may be one that can help you with your project, or you may already have what you need in your bounteous arsenal, but didn't know it.

You'll get a free pattern when you arrive, and we'll have time for show and tell, so bring a something or two that you've been working on.  Extra points if it's related to log cabin or pineapple blocks, and we'll have a door prize drawing.  (Limit 3 show and tell items.)  I'll also set up my shop for the evening, and your prepaid cover charge will give you a $5 credit towards your purchase, in addition to the usual 15% discount that I offer during guild presentations and to studio members.

Cover charge- $5.  ($5 credit given at checkout at the event.)

**Follow-up to Tool School- Curvy Log Cabin Intensive
(separate registration is required for each day) 

Open Studio- No Lifeguard on Duty

Sometimes you just need a place to escape to, and The Green Apricot studio is just the place to do it.  But since there is only one of me, and there is way more than one project or event to be tackled on a daily basis, I can't always be in the studio to open it up to clients.  

So, I've decided to open up the studio to you, even when I am not there. 

That's right.  The studio will be available for open sew Wednesday through Saturdays, unless there is an event scheduled.  There will be no lifeguard on duty, so you'll be sewing at your own risk, but you can meet friends there and take a dip any time from 9am to 4pm on weekdays (W-F), and 9am to 2pm on Saturdays.  Registering ahead of time is required.  I ask that you sign in and out as you come and go, and on Saturday afternoons Open Studio ends early and the shop locks up at 2pm, so please plan accordingly.  Click here to view available dates, and to register online.  Unfortunately, the system that I currently use does not allow for multiple registrations at once, so it is necessary to register for each day that you plan on attending an event at the studio, including Open Studio.
Introducing Monthly Memberships

The Green Apricot opened two years ago in March, and it has been morphing and changing over those two years, expanding in some ways, and tightening up in others.  It is so important to me to foster an environment of education and creativity, and to do my best to meet the needs of my clients.  Hopefully at least one of the following options will suit your needs, and give you access to the tools you need to make it like you mean it in the place where makers meet.

Monthly Membership:  $65 per month, due the 4th of each month.
  • Includes early access to monthly emails. (The Green Apricot Gazette)
  • Includes first preference on sign-ups for workshops, events and retreats.
  • Includes access to all Open Studio days and workshops hosted by Angela Gubler.
  • Monthly Membership runs from the 5th to the 4th of each month.  (i.e.- if paid by March 4, membership applies to March 5-April 4.)
  • Multiple months can be purchased in advance.
  • Registration for attendance is required, and is honored on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • Does not include events hosted by guest teachers.
  • Does not include off-site events and retreats.
  • Is not transferable.
Do you Juan some help with that quilt?

Juan is a real character, and we have a lot of fun working together offering quilting services to our customers.  Want to see what we've been up to lately?  Follow us on Instagram (thegreenapricot) and/or Facebook (The Green Apricot).  On Instagram, check #juanthegammillcamel.  

We know that every quilt is a diva, and that it wants what it wants, so we do our best to answer those demands.  Give us a try, and see what you think!

For information on current pricing, click here.  
 What is The Green Apricot?
The primary goal of The Green Apricot is to help you make it like you mean it.  It is a resource in the form of a website, a studio, and educational programs to help makers make and creators create.  While there is an emphasis on quilting currently, The Green Apricot plans to provide resources for a wide variety of handmade processes.
Want more info? Check out
Directions to the studio- Take exit 216 off of I-75 in McDonough.  Head west on GA Highway 155.  Go about 2 miles, then turn left onto Meredith Park Drive.  Turn into the first drive on the right.  The studio is located in the building right in front of you, inside All Automotive Repair's offices.
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