The Hampshire Dome became a casualty of the Ides of March storm this past Wednesday. There were no injuries, and although my immediate reaction was a deep sickening feeling it was not despair. See, I believe we are blessed at Hampshire Hills with a team that always responds like champions no matter how great the challenge. The first words I heard were “Okay, let’s go! Let’s fix this!” and I remember that same clarion call made just last month from another great New England team. So I write to you to let you know that the great team you’ve seen rise to the challenge before has assembled and we WILL make the Dome rise again. We will raise her higher and brighter than ever and the sounds of you and your children laughing and running and playing will echo throughout the Dome. Keep watching; Hampshire Hills is amazing in the fourth quarter. Times like these remind me of how wonderful it is being part of such a great and caring community. On behalf of my team, thank you all for your support, kind words and outreach.


Rick Holder

Owner and General Manager
Hampshire Hills Athletic Club