We have a HPRCT Conference App!  You'll be able to receive live push notifications and arrange your agenda! Check out the installation instructions.
HPRCT EventXD APP Download Instructions
Don't want to read?  Listen and watch the video instructions below!
Instructions for EventsXD App
(downloading, registering, searching, and other instructions)

1.The EventsXD App is available for iOS, iPad, Android Phone/Tablet, Windows Phone, and Windows Tablet. Go to the online store for whatever platform you have on your phone and/or tablet. Search for EventsXD in the app search. 


Scan the QR code below to go to the EventsXD app download page


Follow this link to go to the EventsXD download page, http://eventsxd.com/download

2.After downloading the app, open it. After opening it should present you with an opportunity to Sign Up to create a new user account. To set up the new user account you will need to provide your email address and a password. The criteria for passwords is as follows:

a.Password must be at least 7 characters long, with at least 1 special (non-alphanumeric) character (examples would be @, #).

b.Password must also contain one capitalized character (in other words one letter must be capitalized.

3.When you have successfully created the account and are logged in you will get a notification asking if you would like for the app to send you push notifications. Select Yes or Ok. This will allow you to receive updated news about the conference. 

4.Once you have created the account you can login, search for the conference. Use the visuals below as a guide (the visual is for an iOS device).

  5.One of the features of the EventsXD app that you can leverage for the conference is  My Agenda . This feature allows you to build personal customized agenda for the conference. See the visuals below for a guide (the visuals are for an iOS device)
  If you wished to unfavorite an item just click on the green star again to clear it.

6.Another feature is called  Pulse . This is an area where you can see Conference News and/or Notifications. HPRCT will have the ability to push notifications and conference news to you in real-time. To receive information with the  Pulse  feature you must enable notifications in the EventsXD app.  See the visuals below for a guide (the visuals are for an iOS device)

7. Some items to remember about the conference app:

a.Use the refresh button periodically to reload conference data and/or Pulse information. This will make sure you have up-to-date information because during the conference HPRCT conference personnel may send out agenda changes, general conference news, or notifications. This is also good practice when you open it every time. 

b.Sometimes the app may appear to drag or freeze. This could be due to a server push of information to your device. Get out of the app, wait a little bit, and then come back to see if that solves the problem. 

c.There are items that appear in My Agenda by default, such as registration, breakfast, lunch, breaks, open time, etc. These items can’t be removed from My Agenda. 

d.As the conference gets closer, you may see a link appear in a conference session that says View Resources. This link will take you to resources that support that session. These resources could be the presenter’s presentation or other information. Something else you may see in an offering besides View Resources is a button that says Provide Session Feedback. This button will appear 5 minutes after a session presentation begins and will allow you to access a survey to give feedback on the session.


Information on the buttons found on the Conference Home Page

(as of 4-13-16). As the conference gets closer more buttons may be added.

  • Schedule: this is where the entire 2016 HPRCT Conference agenda will be found
  • Speakers: contains photos and biographical information of conference presenters (Pre-conference, General Session, Breakouts). It will also contain information on HPRCT Board Members. 
  • Time Slots: this shows a view of the agenda by time slot
  • Session Type: this shows all of the session types available at the conference (for example if you click on General Session, the app will show you all of the General Sessions for the conference)
  • Tracks: this shows all of the tracks available at the conference (for example if you click on Human Performance Track, the app will show you all of the Pre-Conference and Breakout Sessions related to Human Performance)
  • Audiences: this shows a view of the conference by audience type. (Note: For the 2016 Conference, this is a somewhat subjective listing and you will see some overlap between some of the audience types. Going forward HPRCT may have abstracts submittals which specify Audience Type, to better utilize the Audience portion of the app.
  • Tags: this will show a listing of key words that are associated with the conference sessions. For example if you click on the key word Safety you would see all the of the conference offerings that had safety in the title and/or abstract. As with the Audience button, this is a somewhat subjective listing. Some conference offerings have numerous tags associated with them, so you will see some overlap.
  • Maps: clicking on this button will open a dynamic Google-type of map that will be centered with a pin on the 2016 HPRCT Conference site. You also will have the ability to open the map up in Apple Maps, which will allow you to switch to satellite view and also allow you to take advantage of driving directions. 
  • Floor Plans: this will show you floor plans of the conference hotel so you can identify the location of conference rooms. There is also a map of the resort in Floor Plans. 
  • Website: this is a link to the HPRCT website (HPRCT.org)
  • Facebook: this is a link to the HPRCT Facebook page
  • LinkedIn: this is a link to the HPRCT LinkedIn page moderated by Dr. William Corcoran. This is an unlisted LinkedIn Group. 
  • NERC Human Performance Web Page: this button will take you to their Human Performance Web Page that contains the conference proceedings and presentations from past conferences.
  • WECC Human Performance Web Page: this button will take you to their Human Performance Web Page that contains the conference proceedings and presentations from past conferences.
  • Link to 2016 Colorado Springs Vacation Planner: this button will take you to a dynamic on-line magazine that was developed to promote Colorado Springs tourism. 
  • About Conference: clicking on this button will show you the conference mission statement and also give an overview of the conference. 
  • Powered by Events XD: clicking on this button will give you an overview about Events XD and provides links to their website.