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Happy Wednesday! 
Welcome to the Happy Wednesday Broadcast
For another midweek BOOST to help make your Wednesday a
"Power" Day and banish "hump" day from your life forever.

And now here is your host, the Happy Wednesday Lady, Joanie Winberg

Today's special message!
With the holidays coming this weekend, your to-do list has probably doubled.
To help you feel less stressed and to put a smile on your face, The Happy Wednesday Broadcast is sending you an "INSTANT 3 MINUTE BREAK" 
Tune in... Sing, clap your hands or even dance if you want to, but most importantly let go and have fun!
Your Instant 3 Minute Break!
Your Instant 3 Minute Break!

 Sending love,

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Certified Human Behavior Consultant, Corporate Trainer,
Divorce Mentor, Mentor for Classic
P.S. Back by popular demand from Classic Insights:
The Love Seminar... What does freedom have to do with LOVE!
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