Every school year brings a myriad of exciting opportunities for growth and institutional advancement. This year is no different. As a school community we are focusing on fostering a "growth mindset" in our students, faculty, administration, and entire community. We will do this through various classes, seminars, and programs. At its core a growth mindset, which, as explained by Carol Dweck, is one that the person believes that they can always improve, including the understanding that failures are vital to shaping future growth. At Hillel, we believe that through hard work and dedication to our craft we can grow and become better people and educators. 
We also believe that through fostering a growth mindset we can teach our students to become better people as well. In this week's Parasha we read about the Mitzva of hashavat aveidah - returning lost objects. Interestingly, this Mitzva actually counts as two of the Torah's 613 commandments. It contains the positive imperative, "You must take it back to your fellow" (22:1), as well as a negative prohibition,  "Lo tukhal le-hit'alem - You must not remain indifferent" (22:3). Commentators are puzzled by the expression "lo tukhal le-hit'alem," which is literally translated as, "You cannot remain indifferent." "Lo tukhal" suggests that one literally does not have the ability to overlook his fellow's lost object. Rav Moshe Alshich suggests that "Lo tukhal le-hit'alem" alludes to the ultimate function this Mitzva is to serve: the Torah seeks to bring a person to the point where he treats the property of others with the same concern and vigilance as he does his own possessions. Though at first a person might return a lost item only due to the Torah obligation, ultimately, he should reach the point where he simply cannot ignore and overlook the crisis of his fellow. He literally "cannot remain indifferent" to the circumstances of his friend.

This idea mirrors our goal as educators. Children are taught at a very young age to perform certain actions; not necessarily because they understand their importance, but simply because we tell them to. While this is an important stage, it should only be the beginning stage of their development. The hope is that by viewing every dilemma with a "growth mindset," eventually they will create the synapses in the brain necessary to change who they are as people. Ultimately, they too will be "lo tukhal le-hit'alem" - unable to remain indifferent to any negative situation in which they find themselves. 

With G-d's help, this will undoubtedly be an incredible school year. On behalf of the entire Hillel administration, faculty, and staff, I would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to help educate your children. 

                         Shabbat Shalom,
                        Rabbi Weinberg, Principal


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At Hillel Academy, we literally roll out the red carpet for the first day of classes. This year everyone was made welcome with balloons, music, the Bnot Sheirut and the trusty Yellow Bus. Big smiles and high energy made sure the entire building was abuzz with the sound of friends happy to see one another again. Kindergarteners learned and played, and the middle and high school boys went swimming and "supported" each other; the middle school girls skated at Neville Roller Drome, and the high school girls raced Dragon Boats! (Check out their outings on our YouTube channel!)

Dragon Boat Racing!
Dragon Boat Racing!

The Okey-Cokey on Roller Skates!
The Okey-Cokey on Roller Skates!



Devorah Kohanbash
  Nursery Lead Teacher

What do your students call you? Morah Devorah or some call me Morah "Bubby." > How long have you been teaching at Hillel Academy? Almost thirty years. What is the most rewarding thing about teaching your grade / subject?  The kids. > What gadget do you rely on most when teaching? Hugs and kisses. > What phrase do you find yourself using the most during your day?  "Remember, it's my job to keep you safe. "   What three words best describe your class?  Fun, Fun, and more Fun! > The most important thing I teach my students is: That each and everyone of them are special.  My students teach me...how to laugh.  > By the time they leave my class, my students know how to: be a "problem solver."  My favorite rainy day activity is: relaxing with a good book. > What were you like when you were your student's age?  I can't remember that far back :-)    > What is your motto?  Think positive. >  The most useful lesson I ever learned is: If life gives you lemons, make lemonade. > The skill I would most like to have is: Playing a musical instrument to go along with all my singing. > The most amazing / odd / inspiring place I have been is:  Hillel Academy. >  Is there anything else you would like the Hillel Academy community to know about you? I would never trade my job for anything else. 
You can reach Morah Kohanbash at dkohanbash@hillelpgh.org




Hi there, Everyone!
I'm Goldie, the goldfish who gets to hang out in the science Lab all the time. I thought I'd tell you about my summer.  
Back in June when I saw everyone rushing to get out of the building I thought it was going to be a long lonely summer. Boy was I wrong. Not too long and kids started coming back into the Lab for Summer Camp. They were laughing and having a good ole time. The first week they were chopping wood and starting campfires, learning how to use a compass. Then next week the kids were all playing with robots. There was something new every week!
Things did quiet down for a week, then a big person cleaned the floors. I can almost see my golden reflection in them. Some more big people came around moving things, changing this and that. It makes it more interesting for me to see some changes out my windows.
Finally the kids are back again so I have company all day, every day. It's always exciting when new humans poke their heads up against my glass. Just don't tap on it! Thanks!
(Mr. Garwood, translator)


Message from the Editor:

                  I'm excited to take the helm of the Hillel Happenings this year and am delighted to announce that several high schoolers who are taking a journalism elective will be contributing their considerable talents to these pages. Email us at hillelhappenings@hillelpgh.org with announcements, suggestions, answers to our quizzes and more! We'd love to hear from you.
Thank you, Micki Myers



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Going...going...gone! Noam Azagury tries his best to beat the surf machine -
but make no mistake: the surf machine ALWAYS wins.
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"How did you like all that milk and goat Kibble?"
"I prefer the delicious taste of tree, myself.
"Oh good. I thought it was just me."



Binyomin and Nechama Leah Bauman
Shmuel , Tiny Tots
Natan and Alix Cramer
Shavlev , Toddler
Chesky and Shana Dubin
Zach , Tiny Toddler
David and Yamit Levy
Nir , Tiny Tots
David and Sora Mandelbaum
Chaim , Nursery & Yaakov Aryeh, Toddler
Rob and Emily Richman
London , Infants
Shua and Ilana Ringler
Meira , Nursery
Avi and Aidel Skaist
Ezzy , Toddler & Sari, Pre-K
Bentzion Wasserman & Sara Warren
Mendel , Seventh Grade



+   Where are you from in Israel?
     Shira : Jerusalem
     Raz : I live in Ra'anana
+   What are you looking forward to the most this year at Hillel Academy? 
     Shira : To meet all the kids in Hillel Academy and to start with our 'חוג' baking ישראל club.
     Raz : I am excited for Yom Ha'atzmaut because its the 70th year and We will prepare an awesome event and it will be very exciting. 
+   Have you experienced snow? 
     Shira : Yes, sometimes we have snow in Jerusalem, and it's very impressive to see that. But of course it isn't like the snow in Pittsburgh!
     Raz : Yes, a couple of years ago there was a storm in Ramat Hagolan in Israel, and my father took us to watch the snow.
+   Do you have any special skills or talents?
     Shira : I like cooking, and also I like to draw.
     Raz : I like art, and I paint a lot with acrylic and canvas.


A Social Studies joke submitted by Mr. Sutton:
A Roman walks into a bar,
holds up two fingers, and says:
"Five beers, please."
(Got a great joke? Send it to us!)



New faculty members:  6
Amount of flour Mordy Brown gets though every week:  50 lbs
New coathooks in the BHS:  20
Helium balloons for the first day:  81
Members of Hillel Academy's Facebook Alumni Group:  257
Times the desks were rearranged in the 5th grade classroom by Tuesday: 1 Ozillian



Did you know that Hillel Academy alumni
have their own Facebook group page?

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Congratulations to alumna Sara Shulman (Nimchinsky)  on her marriage to Chaim Shulman!


Creative Kosher
310 Electric Avenue
East Pittsburgh, Pa  15112
             Deena Ross (412) 901 -1729     Moishe Siebzener (412) 901 - 5022                                                                                                                                           
Rosh Hashanah ~ 2017
Please place order directly at creativekosherpgh.com
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CKC Challah Choices
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White Raisin                      2 lb                        $8.00                        1 lb                        $4.50
Whole Wheat                     2 lb                        $7.50                        1 lb                        $4.00
Appetizer Choices
Gefilte Fish w/ Horseradish for 4                    $12                                                                       
Chicken Soup w/ Matzoh Ball- Quart             $12
Minestrone Soup - Quart                       $12
Potato leek soup - quart                         $12
Main Course Choices
Herbed Roasted ¼ Chicken for 4                   $20
Sweet & Sour Meatballs            (6 pcs x 4)    $24
Honey Tangy Salmon            for 4                  $24
Boneless Apricot Chicken for 4                       $24
Schnitzel for 4                                                 $24
Marinated grilled boneless chicken for 4         $24
Dairy lasagna rolls (12)                                   $26
Tilapia Florentine with Feta for 4                     $24
Cheese blintz soufflé (12)                                $24
Side Dish Choices
Potato Kugel            9x13                                 $24                       4x6             $12
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Apple Soufflé 9x13                                           $24                       4x6              $12
Cran Apple Peach Crunch 9" round                 $16
Cranberry Relish quart                                     $12
Dessert Choices
Apple Pound Cake (2lb size)                          $12
Honey Cake (2lb size)                                    $12
12 choc chip cookies                                      $6
Chocolate babka loaf                                      $9.50
Cinnamon raisin babka loaf                            $9.50
Chocolate mousse pie                                    $14

Orders must be in by Wednesday September 13, 2017
Pick up Between 3pm - 7pm ~ Tuesday September 19, 2017
Deena's Dishes ~ 310 Electric Avenue ~ East Pittsburgh, Pa 15112
Wishing you all a Happy & Healthy New Year
Deena and Moishe
Thank you for letting us share in your Yom Tov!


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At Hillel Academy of Pittsburgh, we educate young men and women with unlimited capacity who compete in a superior manner in all challenges undertaken. Our students are Torah observant models of exemplary character, who love G-d, the Jewish people, and the land of Israel. To say that our students possess a love of learning, confidence and the ability to think critically merely highlights the value of a Hillel education. What we ultimately achieve each day, and have been for 70 years is the gift of instilling each student with the foundation for a life spent actively serving and leading the Jewish community and society.