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Parshat Tazria-Metzora
April 28, 2017 - 2 Iyar 5777
Shabbat Candle Lighting - by 7:54  pm
Shabbat Ends - 9:02 pm
DVAR TORAH - Thoughts from the Principal & Educational Director
On Monday  morning, I walked into school with my children and was greeted by the sobering display in our lobby reminding me that it was Yom Hashoa, Holocaust Remembrance Day. As a grandchild of survivors, this day has a lot of meaning for me, and I always hope that we remember it in a honorable and meaningful way. The sign on the display read "Yizkor." We must remember. We can never forget. But how do we remember? What are we remembering? With all of these thoughts running through my head, I quickly had to run to a meeting with Dan Kraut and SOTA construction regarding the details of our new Bartlett Street building. This building represents the beginning of our future and the much needed renovation of our entire campus. As I sat in the meeting and we went over the details of the new building, I could not help but feel a sense of pride and Hakarat Hatov for all that we as a school and community have been able to accomplish. And then it was quickly back to school so I could attend our middle and high school Yom Hashoa program. This year the program was especially meaningful to me since we showed the Shoah video of my grandmother, Belle Weinberg, OB"M, and told her survivor story. 

My grandmother was born outside Munkacs, Czechoslovakia, and lived a relatively simple life. She describes in her video that while her family had their own Torah and a Mikvah in their back yard, they only got shoes once a year, and made all of their own clothes. When the war started, her brothers was taken into the Czech army. In 1944, she was taken to various holding facilities, and ultimately, Aushwitz and Bergen-Belsen. She ended up in Pittsburgh in 1948, married my grandfather, and my father and uncle were born in 1950. 

Throughout her video, my grandmother is poised and almost even up beat. She is extremely matter-of-fact about her experience. She rarely spoke about the Holocaust while she was a alive, and instead focused on creating the best life possible for herself and her family in Pittsburgh. I cannot help but think about the fact that Hillel Academy was founded the same year my grandparents were married.  We can never forget what happened in Europe, and in that remembrance it is incumbent upon us to build a strong future. Hopefully, our new building and the learning that takes place in it will be a testament to our remembrance and zechut for the six million. This is how we remember the Shoah, we live our lives in an honorable Torah way. We build better lives, and make sure to shape a strong future.

Please join us for the ground breaking ceremony of our new building on  Sunday, May 7th at 9:30 am

Shabbat Shalom

Rabbi Weinberg
  • We are excited to celebrate Israel's 69th birthday in school on Tuesday. We are still looking for a few more volunteers to help with our Yom Ha'azmaut lunch. Please contact Mrs. Levari if you can help out ylevari@hillelpgh.org 
  • Additionally, we would like to put up the names of family members who served in Tzahal on the screen in front of the building. (Served, not necessarily only those who died in battle). Please fill out the attached spreadsheet with names of any relatives whom you would like included on this list. click here

Rabbi Weinberg can be reached at sweinberg@hillelpgh.org .
Brauch Dayan HaEmet
It is with great sorrow that we share with you the news of the passing of 

Mrs. Shirley Dorsey, ob"m
Beloved mother of Morah Chana Dorsey
Mrs. Dorsey has committed her life to the education of the children of our community. Many of her students have carried the skills they gained in her classroom for their entire lives, and still look back to those years as significant ones in their development. Mrs. Dorsey has been teaching at Hillel since 1966 and has played a significant role in the development of our school and ensured that our students received a solid grounding in the fundamentals of reading, writing, math, Judaics, and most importantly, exemplary middot and character.  
      While we will never be able to replace Mrs. Dorsey, her memory and impact will forever be part of the fabric of our school. In that way, her life will continue to affect those children for whom she cared so deeply.   

     We send our deepest condolences to Morah Chana and her family. 

Funeral and Shiva information will be forthcoming.
Student Spotlight 
This week we caught up with two third graders, Akiva and Theresa.

Akiva Camp
Theresa Schachter
If you could go to lunch with anyone who would it be? My cousin Lev who lives in FL. My uncle
Best part of Shabbos? Going to Shul and getting all the cookies and cake!
Cutting the challah
Abba, Tatti or Dad?
Pappa Dad
Favorite color?
Neon yellow Red
Favorite sport?
Football or baseball
Scariest animal?


What did you recently learn in class? This week's parsha Math - division and multiplication 
What are you looking forward to in 4th grade?
 Making a shofar!

Just 4th grade in general!
Anything else you want people to know about you?
I am running in the Hillel track meet vs. CDS on Wednesday and I am on the DII White Sox coached by Rob Itskowitz. 
I really like gymnastics 


Come cheer on, Morah Hodaya's husband, Ryan Adeleye is a defender on the Riverhouds. Additionally, this game only, Mr. Sam Angelo's Rugby club will be playing an exhibition game during halftime. This is going to be a memorable evening. Contact Dan Shaw to purchase tickets, dshaw@hillelpgh.org .


Weekly Photos

This past Tuesday the school assembled in the Katz Auditorium at the JCC to take part in a very unique program, The Rabbi and Mrs. Admon's Citizenship Ceremony. Together with Councilman Dan Gilman and Corey O'Conner, we shared in this special event which the Admons had been waiting years to do.    Click here for more photos. 

Here is the full ceremony

"Flower" Mitzvah notes to help decorate our Har Sinai. Our goal is to cover our Mitzva mountain before Shavous.  

We hope by now you heard about our Har Sinai Mitzvah Mountain (either from your kids or from the  Monday Memo).  Please keep sending in those mitzvah notes for your children, so we can add them to our Mitzvah Mountain in preparation for receiving the Torah on Shavuos.  For your convenience, a sheet of mitzvah notes is attached to this email.

Thank you to those families who have already turned in their NAEYC annual survey.  Your feedback is important to us as we plan for next year!  If you haven't returned your survey, please take a few minutes to complete it and give it to your child's teacher.

Morahs Leah, Devorah and Ruth 

This past Sunday 125 people attended the annual Hillel Academy Pirates game. The weather was perfect and we even found kosher frozen Yogurt, thanks to Rabbi Wasserman. The Buccos beat the Yankees 2-1. If you missed the game, there may be another opportunity in Aug.   Click here for more photos.

Dalya and Nechama Chaya recite lines in iambic pentameter they wrote while learning about the sonnet poetry form for National Poetry Month (April). Iambic pentameter refers to a line of poetry that consists of five iambic metrical feet, which amounts to ten syllables in the rhythm: da-DUM da-DUM da-DUM da-DUM da-DUM, like a heartbeat. It is the rhythm of traditional English poetry. 

8th grade Raffle Winners 

Go Figure
Number of entries we received in our online Family Tree data base.  
People who saw the Pirates beat the Yankees, 2-1. #RTJR 

Start time on Sunday morning, May 7, for the groundbreaking of the new building. 
Days until the first day of Camp Hillel. 

Admons now American citizens
Tuesday, June 6 - the Joshua L. Sindler, z'l, Night of Art and Music.
Flashback Fridays
Thanks to your feedback, the Flashback Friday contest is back!   Submit your answers to hillelhappenings@hillelpgh.org. 

Hillel Gear

Elan and Zishe Sokol are direhard Bucco fans, obviously!  But you know what else?  Zishe never missed an opportunity to sport Hillel gear.  This past Sunday, he donned his 2016 Club t-shirt! #RTJR #HillelGear

Do you have Hillel gear photos?  Share them with the hashtags #hillelgear and #hillelpgh or just email them to hillelhappenings@hillelpgh.org
Camp Registration

If you are interested in volunteering or know someone who might be, please contact  dkraut@hillelpgh.org.
Around Town
Bnei Akiva- "Bnei Akiva's annual Tekes Yom Hazikaron is taking place on Monday, May 1st at Shaare Torah at 7:00 PM. All are invited to acknowledge and honor the sacrifices made by our soldiers defending the Sate of Israel. Snif continues this Shabbat at Shaare Torah from 4:30 to 5:30 . Shabbat Shalom!"

Girl's Oneg:  Every Shabbos afternoon from  3:30-4:30  in the PZ Educational Building for all girls in grades K-6.  Hope to see you there!

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