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 Fall, 2012

Welcome to Zagreb and Croatia with itineraries and information of interest to cultural and culinary enthusiasts.  

The Holiday Season in Zagreb 

Treat Yourself to Advent in Zagreb    

Enjoy the almost forgotten Zagreb specialties: cabbage cloths, fried apples or baked strukle, and warm up with hot chocolate or mulled wine.

advent in zagreb  

Take your pick of seasonal gifts, gingerbread hearts, cookies, colorful decorations, jewelry and souvenirs made by Zagreb's craftsmen, artists, and manufacturers of traditional Croatian products.


Live Nativity Scene for the Holiday Season on Kaptol

Fountain holiday decor This project is by young, formerly marginalized people and relives the atmosphere of Jesus' birth in a familiar and deeply felt manner. Young men and women who almost threw their lives away now prove that life can change for the better and that you can succeed.



For additional information please visit this link or contact Danijela in Zagreb.  

New Year's in Dubrovnik 

This Renaissance City shines with magical decorations and sparkles with lights, creating a fairy-tale atmosphere.


Dubrovnik New Year CelebrationTraditional crafts, Christmas decorations, candles, toys, glassware, embroidery, ceramics, porcelain and many other items are on display.


New Year in Dubrovnik You will taste Christmas cookies, sweet delicacies, mulled wine, brustulani mjenduli (candied almonds), and traditional Dubrovnik sweet delicacies including kontonjata (quince cheese), mantala (must cheese), prikle (doughnuts), hrostule (deep fried biscuits) and other delicacies prepared for this holiday time.


For rsvps visit this link or contact Danijela 

2013 Coming Attractions 

The Wines of Croatia For winemakers in Croatia, St. Vincent - Vincekovo - is a time to celebrate with friends, family and fellow winemakers by symbolically decorating the vines with things like sausages and bacon; plenty of good, hearty traditional winter food, wine and music.


Sailing and Hiking Visit Croatia without packing bags and changing hotels. The shorelines are rich in history and nature - cliffs, caves, reefs, beaches, pine forests... so if you are into green, blue and local foods, this place is for you.


Wellness Programs Istria's culinary traditions reconnect you with traditional flavors. Discover our rich gastronomic heritage. Then, relax in the candlelit glow and fragrant ambiance of a modern wellness center and feel life's stresses and strains melt away. Mediterranean style!


Opatija and Balinjerada men, women and children racing on ball bearings down the main street in Opatija, singing and laughing; don't miss these wonders on wheels!


The Rijeka Carnival started in the Middle Ages and is a blend of Venetian and Austrian carnivals with elements of old Slavic folklore and mythology.


The Oyster Festival They are tastiest and most mature in March and the feast of St. Joseph. A gastro event which includes Dalmatian music and selected Peljesac wines.


To find out more please contact Danijela 

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