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It Takes a Village
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Dear CBHR Friends and Supporters: 

We are going to change the format of the Howler just for the month of August.  We have had some minor changes in leadership over the past two months.  Most notably, for personal reasons, Heather Szymankiewicz has stepped down from her role as president. We thank Heather for her years of dedicated service and are very pleased she will continue on as a volunteer! Thank you, Heather!  First, I want to introduce myself and also reintroduce the many hands that it takes to run CBHR.  It is said that it takes a village to raise a child, that is certainly true in CBHR's case too.  It takes a village to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome the 100+ bassets CBHR helps every year.  Keep reading to find out about each of our villagers!  It's interesting to hear how each member found CBHR.   Let me start with a brief introduction of myself.  


I live in the Raleigh-Durham, NC area and been with CBHR since late 1995 when I adopted my first basset hound, Mr. Baker.  I knew I wanted a shelter pup and also knew I wanted a basset hound.  I continually checked my local animal shelter for basset hounds.  One day the volunteer coordinator at the shelter said "you know there is basset rescue in this area, don't you?"  As they say, the rest is history.  Outside of the basset world I am a bit of the nerdy girl and work in science, occasionally knit goofy dog sweaters, and like to swim and bike.  My two bassets, George (CBHR, '08) and Abner (CBHR, '12) definitely have me wrapped around their paws. I am excited about my new role and I am working hard to learn the ropes and look forward to working with all of you.  Everyday I am humbled by the time, generosity, spirit, and love that all of you and our supporters give to this group.  I am inspired by watching this group go from a fledgling organization with only a few people to now, a federally recognized non-profit organization with a greater than $100,000 operating budget.  We continue need lots of help to keep this group growing and moving into the future and we will be reaching out to all of you to help with that process!

Feel free to contact me any time with comments, questions, concerns or suggestions.


Also, be on the look out for a George Jetson update coming to you on Tuesday.  Things are looking up!





Stacey Snyder


CBHR, Inc.





Basset with Suitcase

Why Does He Do That?

Dawn M Gardner, ABCCDT 

Behavioral Consultant & Trainer 

Happy Hound Pet Services 






We are also going to make a change to our behavior section. Have you every wondered what makes YOUR dog tick?  Our behavior consultant, Dawn Gardner has asked for you to write to her and pose your "hmm, why does he do that?" questions directly to her.  She will then answer all the questions in the next month's Howler.  Please send your questions to Dawn at  Please let her know if she can include your name or if you'd prefer to have your question answered anonymously.


Thanks everyone, this should be fun!

It Takes A Village



In Their Own Words...


Leslie Armstrong- Wilmington Area, NC Events Coordinator

I work as a Manager for a Contract Research Organization (PPD). My company is contracted out by Biotech and Pharmaceutical companies to help them with clinical trial studies. I love my job and it helps pay the bills, but my true passion is doggie rescue! I learned about CBHR after my husband purchased a charm from the CBHR online store.  He told me that I had to go look at the website - that it was awesome! That day we joined the group (January 2009) because we were very impressed with the organization as a whole. I had always wanted to join a group to help save doggies and bassets are at the top of my list! I am a huge animal lover so whenever I tell my husband I'm going to the shelter to pick up a dog he reminds me that I drive a Nissan Maxima so I won't bring home several critters.  I guess I don't listen very well because the last trip I made to a shelter I brought hom 2 dogs, 1 puppy, 2 kittens, 2 guinea pigs and 2 rabbits!  All in my little Maxima!  I now have him convinced that if I get a new SUV that we will need to purchase a farm for my trips to the shelter!


Susan Baughman- Volunteer Coordinator

I am currently serving as the CBHR Volunteer Coordinator.  I was introduced to Basset Hounds by my local animal shelter who needed a short term foster home for a large stinky basset hound.  I took him home and after a few days, Sir Fredrick had found his new home and I had found a new mission, not to let these wonderful hounds be euthanized at animal shelters.  I have been involved with CBHR for about 10 years and have had many different positions in this great organization.  I have had many foster dogs stay in my home and have loved them all.  I don't have to tell any of you that CBHR has the best volunteers in the world and I am honored to work beside them.  If you would like more information about volunteering, the best route to get hooked in is to fill out an online volunteer application and I will contact you and get you signed up to help the homeless hounds of the Carolinas get out of the shelter and into the safety of CBHR.  I look forward to working with you all in the future!


Bonnie Bloch- Hound Transportation Coordinator

Foster Basset Odie Needs a Home! I retired in May, 2010, was living in Greensboro and had time on my hands along with a desire to get involved with an animal rescue group.  I worked with several different groups but nothing "clicked".   I had always wanted a basset so I put in an adoption application with CBHR but, when I had to actually pick just one out of all the cuties on the web page, I just couldn't!  So I decided to become a foster - that way I could enjoy many different ones and be a part of saving more than just one of those precious lives. I got my first foster (Twinkie) in May, 2011 and fell in love with her.  She had already been promised to an adopter but I took care of her for 6 weeks while she was being treated for heartworms.  When her treatment was completed, I took her to her furever home but, fortunately for me, the adoption didn't work out.  So I became a foster failure and Twinkie became my babe! I fostered another basset mix, Ruby, for six months until she was adopted and, during that period, I helped Becky with transports around the Greensboro/Raleigh/Charlotte area.  I admired Becky for wearing the transport coordinator hat as well as the foster home coordinator hat.  I could see that it was a lot for one person to handle, so when she asked me if I would be interested in taking on the transport coordinator position, I told her I would be willing to give it a try.  So far, so good but I couldn't have done it without her help and advice. Now I live in a condo at the beach (with my 3 furkids) so I can't foster anymore, but I do so enjoy being a part of this group and being able to contribute to the welfare of these wonderful houndies!


Dawn Gardner- Behavior Consultant

I am a professional dog trainer and behavioral consultant living in Eden, NC with my five dogs and various foster dogs.  I found CBHR when I was contacted about Willow, OEBE Mistress of Mayhem, and officially became her foodslave when I foster failed her shortly thereafter.  I later added Wilson, who, while not so infamous, had his own issues that kept him from being an easy to place dog.  Both dogs have been wonderful additions to my little furry family.  I am always happy to help out whenever I can, and I am crazy about my hounds!


Becky Gering Becky Gering- Foster Home Director

Greetings fellow basset addicts!  I joined CBHR in 2008 in order to help this wonderful breed, which, by the way, I didn't have at the time.  We had a beagle (Little Anne) to begin with, then we adopted Nellie, who we thought was a beagle, from the Guilford County Animal Shelter.  But after a couple of months, we started noticing that Nellie had some very different traits from the beagle.  She had a little longer ears than most beagles, this wonderful "waddle" to her walk, this gorgeous "ahrooo" that I'd never heard before, and she was severely addicted to belly rubs.  When we put all this together with a larger, longer torso, I started thinking that maybe she was a bagel, and started googling basset hounds.  After cruising the CBHR website for several months, I decided to send in a volunteer application.  The rest, as they say, is history.  My daughter Emily came along with me to our first Volunteer meeting, and we started helping out with events in Greensboro.  Then I discovered a way to satisfy my basset addiction big-time:  I started transporting dogs.  Talk about a kid in a candy shop!!  Next stop was Transport Coordinator, and after that, Foster Home Coordinator, which I've been doing since September of 2009.  Along the way, Emily fell in love with Cheyenne, one of the bassets we transported, so we now have a beagle, a bagel, and a basset.  I have been so blessed by volunteering with the wonderful basset peeps in this group, and by the dogs themselves.  Thanks to Nellie, I can't imagine life without basset hounds in one form or another!


Sharon Gilbert- Treasurer

I've been involved with CBHR since 1996.  It's been amazing to see the organization grow from just a few volunteers to the large group that we have now.  My husband, Greg, and I started the CBHR waddle in 1997.  Along with our son Geoffrey, we have 2 bassets - Hooch and Slash.  Besides loving our bassets, we also love baseball and spend lots of time at the ball fields watching Geoff play. 






Tammy Graves- Greensboro Area, NC Events Coordinator

I found  CBHR on a goggle search...oddly enough when a friend contacted me about a Basset Hound at a local shelter that was going to be euthanized in 48 hours, of course CBHR saved him.  This was my first of many "shelter rescues" for CBHR.  I did not immediately volunteer with the group, that started later. I later applied to adopt a puppy from CBHR and found out all the puppies were adopted. I knew I wanted a basset puppy and this is how we became involved by applying to adopt a puppy and being placed on the waiting list.   Little did I know I would adopt a 4 year old basset named Ginger and pass up many...many puppies along the way.  In the meantime of waiting on a puppy we fostered, worked events, transported and all those fun great things CBHR people do.


Kim Holstein- Member, Board of Directors

Hello everyone, I'm Kim Holstein and I am a current Board Member of CBHR. Currently my husband, Ted, and I reside near Seattle, Washington, but before our move in 2011 we lived in Bluffton, SC. We found CBHR when we decided we wanted to adopt a dog shortly after our wedding in 2006. I had beagles in the past and Ted always loved hounds, so after a little research we thought a basset would be a good breed for our family. We started our search at PetFinders which linked us over to the CBHR home page. We found Luke searching for his forever home and we were toast! We fell head over heals for Luke and adopted him shortly after. A year later we decided that one basset wasn't enough and adopted Mason. A funny story about Mason's adoption- the background on his foster picture was the same as Luke's because he had the same foster mom! She had wanted to call us to see if we were interested in adopting another hound because she know they would be two peas in a pod. Boy, was she right! They are each other's shadow. Shortly after Mason's adoption, I found myself returning to the website frequently to view the available hounds. I knew we couldn't have another dog, but I just was drawn to them. Soon a request came to fill the bio coordinators position and I jumped at the opportunity to volunteer! Since then, I have volunteered in many capacities from the bio coordinator, Waddle Committee member, South Carolina event coordinator, Hound Dog One Flight Crew, Board Member, and countless others. Today we are blessed to be owned by Luke and Mason. They have adapted to the Western Washington area but I think they miss the Carolina sunshine. Not many opportunties to sunbathe here.   I am honored to be part of CBHR and am in awe of the generosity and dedication each volunteer gives to the hounds without reserve.


Debbie Malta- Webmaster and Retail Store Coordinator

I live in Clayton, NC (near Raleigh) with my two hounds, Zoe and Molasses (aka Molly) and my two fosters, Jovie and Bruno. I found CBHR in 1994 through a rescue brochure at the checkout counter in Petsmart. I had no idea there was a need for a rescue for basset hounds back then, but was excited about adopting a buddy for my first basset, Buster. I adopted a 2 year old wild man named Murphy and have been involved with CBHR ever since. My current roles in the group are website administrator, store coordinator and foster mom.



Scott Padgett- Hound Biography Coordinator

I believe that bassets are our future, feed them well and let them sniff the way, show them all the drool they possess inside... My name is Scott Padgett and I love basset hounds, vacuuming, wiping down baseboards and creative writing - so CBHR Bio Coordinator seemed like a good fit for me - I started maintaining the available hounds portion of the website earlier this year and have thoroughly enjoyed it - keep those pictures coming! Otis, my formidable four-legged phenom has been my inspiration, my odiferous right hand hound, and my so-called security detail for 9 years. I was not wise to the ways of rescue until about 5 years ago when a friend of mine told me that I should check out CBHR and get into fostering to answer the question once and for all as to whether I wanted a second dog. And the answer to that question is yes and no. Otis concurs and we have been fostering ever since. We love to be there for the first day of the rest of a rescued basset hound's life, a low rider that for whatever reason has fallen on hard times, and we also like to be there when they finally find their forever home. There's a little sadness when they ultimately go to their new family, but it's the circle of a rescued hound's life. I know that one day the wrong dog is going to waddle through my door and I will be forced to sabotage their bio with tales of terror and virtually unrecognizable, out of focus pictures so that they will stay with me forever... or... I guess I could just adopt them. But Otis and I remain strong on this front, and look forward to our next hound in need.


Barney Jean Sankey- Grants Coordinator

Duke grad, married to Roger, Carolina grad, somehow married for 44years!! Both of us are Clevelanders [OH]. Fled to NC after 62 years of OH snow and to be near our grandchildren. We have two CBHR bassets, Buster (approx.. 5 yo) and Miss Ellie (also approximately 5 yo). I have a 40 year volunteer career, mostly in retail museum stores and finance areas.  Currently I am the grantwriter for CBHR, and together we do transports in the central NC area. Favorite CBHR activity is the Waddle weekend, of course.


Ashley Schaeffer- Raleigh, NC Area Events Coordinator

I came to know CBHR in 2007 when I was settled on adopting a Basset Hound and I found the group. I adopted my sweet Bruno in September and lived in Boone, NC with him for several years. Not many activities were out that way with the rescue so I wasn't involved much. I also was a student at the time, so there weren't many extracurricular activities for me to do. When I moved to Raleigh in 2011, I found out my basset had cancer, and it struck a nerve with me that I wanted to start helping many others. I originally began volunteering for transports and then eventually, after Bruno surrendered to the cancer, I  worked up to fostering and now I'm even the Raleigh event coordinator. My time with CBHR has been great and I love all the volunteers. I currently live in Four Oaks with my 2 bassets (both from CBHR -- and in the picture) and 1 foster, Frodo!! 


Jeri Small- Voice Mail Service Coordinator

I adopted my first CBHR basset hound in 1997. I wanted to get a dog but didn't want to go through the puppy stages of chewing everything in sight, house and manners training.  A coworker, who had a basset hound, told me about Carolina Basset Hound Rescue. She actually gave me a copy of the CBHR newsletter with contact and adoption information. Back then I had 1 basset hound to choose from, her name was Lady. After Lady came Cassie and then Noelle/Elle and Peggy Sue. Peggy Sue is still with me and at 9 years old has some health issues but is the queen of the house. I became an active CBHR volunteer about 2002 and do everything except foster. I served 5 years on the Board of Directors. One of our first duties was to create the logo for the rescue and create a web site.   I do shelter pulls in the York County SC areas, transports, home visits, and events.  For the past few years I've served as the SC Rescue line coordinator. We have a monthly volunteer shift rotation to answer and return the voice mail phone messages left on the SC rescue line by people that need to talk to someone within CBHR.  My day job is with Bank of America as a technical business analyst in the Enterprise Data Warehouse area.  For fun it's anything involving dogs. In 2005 I attended the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York City in person. It was heaven on earth to be surrounded by a few thousand dogs. I hope to do it again and maybe splurge on staying in the hotel with the dogs!


Brandi Smith- Secretary

I have been with CBHR for 5 years. I started out wanting to get involved with rescue because I have always had a heart for anything that I felt couldn't fight back or couldn't voice their plight - so dogs, children and the elderly hold a special place in my heart. My husband and I found CBHR on the web and decided to foster. We have fostered, transported, done home visits and I have also been the foster home director (before I started having all my kids). While it was very rewarding I think I will leave it to Becky as she is so darn good at it. Now being the secretary allows me to be involved in a behind the scenes way that I enjoy.  Being a part of CBHR has benefitted my whole family and I hope to continue to work in rescue and teach my babies to do the same.


Heather Szymankiewicz- Member, Board of Directors

My husband and I got our first basset in 1997, and were immediately in love with the breed. By the time we moved to Raleigh NC in 1999, we owned three lovely basset girls, and started searching for a local basset rescue to work with. We got involved with CBHR as a foster home in 2000, and have fostered about 45 bassets since then. We have a big soft spot for seniors, and focus our fostering efforts towards older dogs and those with medical issues. We are currently parents to Raleigh (11 yrs old), Freddee (CBHR alum, 11 yrs old), and Nana (CBHR alum, 15 yrs old). We are also fostering Priscilla, a very sweet 9 yr old with the biggest ears I have ever seen! I have served CBHR as NC Medical Director and President, and am currently serving as a board member. I also regularly attend Raleigh area CBHR events with my foster dog. In my non-CBHR life, I work full-time as an LPN, and enjoy reading fantasy/science fiction novels and watching Discovery/HGTV shows. 


Dianne Taylor- Greensboro Area, NC Events Coordinator

I live in the Winston-Salem area and I discovered CBHR in 2006.  My husband, Estil, our Basset, Morgan, and I attended the CBHR summer picnic that year and I was in Basset paradise!  After attending the picnic, I became a Basset Angel to a handsome boy, Spud.  In 2007, we decided it was time to open our home to foster and love those Bassets needing a temporary home.  Our first foster was Leroy Brown.  It didn't take very long for Leroy to find a new home with a wonderful family.  And thus, began our CBHR journey.We've had lots of fosters since 2007, and I have loved each and every one.  I enjoy fostering them, but I am very happy when they find their loving new family.  Along with fostering, my husband and I volunteer at events, and do the occasional Basset transporting.   Around June 2008, we fostered a handsome boy, J.D.  This boy captured my heart and became our first foster failure. To keep the hounds in treats, I work for Hanesbrands and my husband works for Lowe's Foods.  When I have some time, I like to read and do some knitting.  We are owned by Bassets, Morgan and J.D.; a Beagle, Andy, and a Pug, Percy.  At present, we are fostering a sweet girl, Maggie.


Bonnie Thorpe- Adoption Coordinator

Hello everyone, I'm Bonnie Thorpe, the Adoption Coordinator for CBHR! I love talking to people about bringing a new dog into their home - it is exciting to talk to so many people that care about Bassets and are eager to add a new family member. It is one of the most positive aspects of rescue, in my opinion. I often think of my adoption activities as the ' of the Basset Hound World', matching our great dogs with the best families possible. I discovered CBHR over 13 years ago when we found our first Basset, Bart. I now recognize that he came from a back-yard-breeder but at the time I knew nothing of rescue, etc - I am embarrassed to say. I Googled Bassets and CBHR showed up - it was about time for the Waddle at Folly Beach - I didn't know what a Waddle was, didn't know what crazy Basset people I was going to meet (and become) but knew that if CBHR was having an event at Folly Beach, I was going...and the rest is history so to speak - I've been volunteering for CBHR for 13 years now!


Angie Tolbert- South Carolina Medical Director

I am Angie Tolbert and I live in Lugoff, South Carolina.  I have had a basset in my life for about 20 years now. When I was about 10 I was at the National Coon Hunters Convention with my family in Orangeburg, SC and I saw this man with this long eared and long body short dog and I asked my mom what kind of dog that was and she told me a Basset Hound and from there I was in love.  I study about the dog (as much as a 10 year old can) and then I started looking every Sunday in the paper until I found one and I have been hooked ever since. I got started with CBHR a few years ago after checking out the website for many years.  I first started by helping with checking the voice mail on the SC phone lines and then I added the volunteer coordinator.  This was a great chance for me to learn more about the ends and out of CBHR.   After about a year in that position I moved to the SC Medical Coordinator.  This has been a great chance for me to interact with the foster homes in South Carolina. Personally, I work at BlueCross BlueShield of SC as a renewal rep in the Major/Large Group area.  I have been at BCBSSC for 9 years now.  I am married to Joseph Tolbert and he is an artist and teaches at Augusta State in Georgia.  We met at Lander University in Greenwood, SC where we both got our undergraduate degrees from.  We have been married for 6 years.  We have three dogs: Freya - 5 (a Beagle/German Shepard mix), Coco - 4 (a Chocolate Lab/Pit mix) & my boy, Hod - almost 2 (The Bad Basset).  We do not have any children and plan to keep it that way but we do have 4 Goddaughters and a nephew so they keep us pretty busy. 


Amy Vega- Vice President

I live in the Fayetteville NC area and have been volunteering with CBHR since 2009.  The way that I got interested in basset rescue was by adopting my basset Snoopy from a humane society in New Bern.  He has been such a sweet, wonderful dog that he made me fall in love with the entire breed!  I looked up basset rescues online and found CBHR, and decided to volunteer.  At first, I started out with doing home visits, transports and event. But, it wasn't long after that CBHR needed some new officers, so I stepped up and took on the VP role


Ava Werstlein- North Carolina Medical Director

I became the NC Medical Coordinator in 2012.  I live in Wilmington, NC with my husband, Scott, and our 5 furry companions:  Herman and Juan are the indoor cats, Cash and Darla are our two CBHR bassets, and Hatcher is our husky/lab mix, but he was raised by Cash so he considers himself a basset at heart!  I found CBHR in 2007 when we started looking for a basset to adopt (Cash).  We decided to try fostering in April of 2011, but almost immediatly failed with our crazy Darla (we consider her part basset, part crocodile!). After foster failing, I wanted to find a way to contribute but could not commit to being a long term foster due to work travel commitments.  Being an officer gives me the chance and I've since had my first successful foster experience! Being a part of this group allows me to feel like I am helping animals in a real way everyday and its truly been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.


Mary Jane Worthington- Assistant Foster Home Coordinator

I am Mary Jane Worthington Assistant Foster Home Coordinator to Foster Home Coordinator Mary Jane Worthington Becky Gering. I help Becky get Foster Homes for Hounds in need of a temporary home on the road to a furever home. They way I found CBHR almost 4 yrs ago is my Basset Hound Sampson became paralyzed in his hind quarters. I needed a wheelchair we could not afford. I knew of the rescue so I sent an email for a plea for help with a wheelchair. The amazing response I got was "I have a wheelchair you can have for free just come get it" So we drove to Raleigh, NC and met with Jane Engelmen who gave us a wheelchair. Sampson went to the bridge several months later due to bloat. I decided a short time after to donate the wheelchair back to the rescue that helped him and turned in my volunteer application the same day. Me, my family, and Sampson's sister Penny dedicated ourselves to do our part in saving Basset Hounds. Since then we have fostered many dogs (20+) and have adopted 2, Kirby and Hannah. We adopted Kirby so Penny would have a constant companion, it was a perfect match as they just loved each other. We adopted Demodex mange riddled Hannah (after she healed of course) after Penny went to the bridge as we were fostering her at the time and felt it was fate. Kirby and Hannah brighten our lives everyday and make us laugh. I cherish the friendships I have made in the rescue, and cherish the dogs that made their way through our threshold as I feel we are just a small part of the reason they are saved.