PCEA Update 
After holding five public hearings (independents made their mark at each one) the President's Commission on Election Administration will be issuing a report to the President in December.  As they write their report, we want to keep the pressure on them to respond to our concerns with systemic partisanship.  Please take ten minues and write a personal letter to the Commission. Dozens of independents have sent letters already, like Suzan Smith, (Read her letter) and Carol McFall ( (Read her letter), both of whom are members of Independent Ohio.  

Click here for a sample letter and information on how to contact the Commission.   
At the request of IndependentVoting.org Election Reform Committee member 
Today at 4:00 PM EST, the Commission is hosting a public conference call (although no public participation allowed) to discuss its "findings".  The Commission is expected to hold its last hearing December 3.
Idaho Statesman:  Closing Primaries Denies Voters Their Voice

An Idaho Statesman editorial came out strongly against the Court's decision to allow parties to close the primaries. In 2011, despite IndependentVoting.org's efforts to intervene, the Republican Party won a lawsuit to have the right to close the primaries which had been open for over 80 years. The Statesman opinion piece notes that "it is wrong to continue down this path when considering that most of the electorate are shut out of the process."
Colorado Independents Are Getting Organized

Gwen Ballard of Carbondale Colorado, who testified with a group of Colorado independents at the Denver PCEA hearing, is now working to build an ongoing organization of independents.  In her invitation to participate in a conference call December 10, Gwen states: "Although various efforts to change the election process are beginning to emerge, the political parties are trying to squelch any efforts at nonpartisan reform.  Colorado is an important playing field for our efforts, given its "ballot initiative" process, which does not require the support of any political parties to achieve reform."


If you are from Colorado or know Coloradans who want to participate, Click here or contact Gwen at giballard@q.com.  The Conference call is 7 p.m. on Tuesday, December 10th.   

Spokesperson Training 
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Everyone is Talking about Political Reform ...What do Independents Have to Say?
These are interactive calls.  For those of you who would like to develop your skills talking to others and writing about the independent movement and learn how to effectively project your message. 

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