Independents from Ohio, Nevada and Virginia Honored at Anti-Corruption Awards
Back row L to R: Lenora Fulani, Cathy Stewart, Jackie Salit, Michael Hardy.  Front row: Rick Robol, Nancy Ross, Catana Barnes, Steve Richardson.

Rick Robol (OH), Catana Barnes (NV) and Steve Richardson (VA), were honored at the 14th Annual Anti-Corruption Awards last week in Manhattan. A signature event for New York City's "anti-party party," the annual year-end celebration and fundraiser pays tribute to those standing up against political corruption and is hosted by the NYC Independence Party's citywide coordinator (and Politics for the People book club founder) Cathy Stewart.


Rick Robol, Catatana Barnes, and
Steve  Richardson.
This year, Rick, Catana and Steve were recognized for
championing independent's efforts to lobby the President's Commission on Election Administration and for building the network of independents in the process. The trio, who form the backbone of the National Election Reform Committee for, are currently working on a report to be released in conjunction with the Commission's final report 


Lenora Fulani



Also honored at the event, was Dr. Lenora Fulani on the 25th anniversary of her historic 1988 independent campaign for President. Host Cathy Stewart set the stage for the presentation of a commemorative gift by inviting attendees to travel back to 1988 and sharing archival footage of her interview on the McNeil Lehrer Newshour (click here to view. Interview begins at 2:10) before bringing to the stage two compatriots of Dr. Fulani (Michael Hardy and our own Nancy Ross) who paid tribute to her exemplary leadership. 

Is this a Democracy for Everyone? 


Movements grow when masses of people demand answers to simple questions.
Is this a democracy for everyone? is the question independents are asking. 
Jackie Salit did the honors of presenting this year's Anti-Corruption Awards to three deserving recipients and spoke with eloquence about the fight for democracy and the power and importance of asking simple questions.
You can view her presentation in Part II of the IPNYC Anti-Corruption Awards coverage. Her statement begins 11:00 into this segment. 
2013 IPNYC Anti Corruption Awards Part II


Salit will be joined by hundreds of independents from across the country on

Wednesday, January 8 at 8:00 pm ET when she hosts's not-to-be-missed national conference call, Being An Independent: Why It Matters More Than Ever. Salit gives a progress report on our work to expand the independent movement.  If you'd like to participate, register here.

PCEA Update 

Steve Johnson from Annapolis, Maryland attended a PCEA hearing on December 3.  Said Johnson, "Once again the Presidential Commission on Election Administration failed to address the elephant in the room - the fact that millions and millions of independent voters cannot vote in closed primaries.  In its December 3rd meeting, it adjourned after listening to a pair of presentations that entirely skirted the disfranchisement of America's independents."  


Read Steve's full statement

CIVIC (Colorado Independent Voters in Colorado) is Born
Gwen Ballard speaking to the media at the President's Commission on Election Administration Hearing
"I believe we got off to a good start on our nascent Colorado organization," said Gwen Ballard (left), a retired IRS analyst from Carbondale, Colorado. She was talking about the founding of the Coalition of Independent Voters in Colorado (CIVIC), a new organization created this week. Gwen and Dennis Brovarone (right), attorney from the Littleton area, kicked off efforts to reach out to independent voters in the Centennial state. Brovarone will be holding a meetup in the Denver area and the two are inviting independent voters to join them in their efforts to build an organization of independents in Colorado.  For more information on CIVIC, contact Gwen at in Western Colorado and Dennis at in Eastern Colorado.


Open Primaries  and Independents in the News

California's Top Two Non Partisan Primary Continues to make Headlines around the country:
Boston Globe, Nonpartisan Primaries Become Game Changer, December 8, 2013
Letter to the Editor, Parties Should Take Part In, Not Own Electoral Process, Portland Press Herald, Maine  by Joe Pickering, December 8, 2013
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