Independents Protest Exclusion!    
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With the upcoming midterm elections expected to be the usual high profile showcase of partisan
maneuvering, independents across the country will be making our own statement!  Activists are organizing informational pickets during the primary season to highlight the ways that independents are discouraged - and, in many cases locked out - from participating in the elections.

If you are interested in participating, email

Salit will be talking more about the campaign on's national conference call March 18th at 8pm ET, How Independents Can Make Our Mark in the Midterms. Coalition files groundbreaking suit is a co-founder, along with Independent Voter Project, of, which filed a groundbreaking suit last week challenging the constitutionality of taxpayer funded partisan primary elections. Filed in New Jersey Federal court, the suit demands that every voter should have an equal and meaningful vote at every stage of the state funded election process, regardless of their party affiliation or non-affiliation.
(pictured here in front of the courthouse is's Nancy Ross, IVP's Jeff Marston and Chad Peace, legal adviser to IVP and national legal strategist for the case.)  Read about the new coalition in this Huffington Post piece, A Multiple Independent Discovery, by Jackie Salit and Steve Peace.
USC Schwarzenegger Institute hosts event on ending partisan gridlock
Jackie Salit was well received at the "People Over Politics" forum hosted by the USC Schwarzenegger Institute for State and Global Policy'  Government and Leadership conference at USC last week in Los Angeles. (Pictured here with the Morning Joe Team, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski who extended an invitation to her to come on their show.)  Afterwards, host Arnold Schwarzenegger spent time with Jackie discussing how to advance the structural reform movement. 
Activists Making News

Independent Kentucky's Michael Lewis was a guest for an hour on My View Matters," a popular Louisville-based blog talk radio network.  Lewis talked about the national scene and local Louisville politics.

Listen to the show here.


Florida Independent Voting's Choice Edwards  makes the case directly and strongly that top two nonpartisan primaries are needed in Florida, in his opinion piece that appeared in the Orlando Sentinel, Closed Primaries Discriminates Against Voters with No Party Affiliation.  Edwards asks the question to voters, "Wouldn't you like to vote without being coerced to join a party?"


South Dakota Independent Voice leader Kim Wright wrote an editorial that appeared in the Rapid City Journal, Independents Know the Two Party System is Broken, which speaks about the disenfranchisement of independents.  Kim takes the occasion to invite South Dakota independents to participate in a meeting on March 15.


 Independent Voters of Maryland's Hassan Giordano has been pushing for the passage of a bill in the senate and house (entitled the Voter Inclusion Act of 2014) which calls for  independent and third party voters to be appointed to all state boards and commissions.  At the request of Giordano,'s Gwen Mandell submitted written testimony in support of the bill.  Read more here



Book Club Selection

Revolutionary, by Alex Myers will be the next selection for's Politics4thePeople book club.  This will be the first time the club will be reading a historical novel.
PFP Founder, Cathy Stewart will be hosting the next Politics4thePeople book club call on Sunday, April 13th at 7 pm EST.  
Check out the Politics4thePeople blog for more information.
Spokesperson training with Sarah Lyons
Lyons.spokesperson Want to develop your voice as an independent?  Director of Communications, Sarah Lyons provides training on a regular conference call she does with developing independent spokespersons.   The next Spokesperson Training call is Sunday, March 30 7pm ET.
 If you'd like to join the call, register here.   No spokesperson experience necessary.  Just the desire to learn new skills.
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