Independent Pennsylvania launches poll
Bullock testifying at the recent Presidents Commission on Election Administration  hearing held in Philly
At their monthly meeting, Independent Pennsylvania, led by Jenn Bullock, carved out plans to distribute a poll designed to meet other PA independents and gauge their interest in reforming the political process. Said Bullock, "We are excited to roll it out in on  college campuses, beginning at Penn State, and our Pittsburgh and Philly groups are planning street surveying as well when it gets warmer."  The next Philly IP meeting will be Sunday January 19th at 2:00 pm. Contact for more information.
Oregon indies meet to develop 2014 plans 
Newly formed IVOO (Independent Voters of Oregon) met with Director of Communications Sarah Lyons over the holidays to develop their organization's plan for growth in the new year. Founder Dave Ellis remarked "the outreach I did for this meeting in and of itself helped grow our organization. I now have a better sense of the 50 or so contacts I sifted through as to which independents are interested in our efforts and in being connected." Lyons made a presentation about recent political initiatives made in response to the question millions of Americans are now asking, namely, what do we do about the fact that our government is broken, completely dysfunctional and corrupted by partisanship?  After a demonstration of how to conduct cold calling to fellow independents, IVOO laid plans to create a website, write letters to the editor, meet with a top two open primary promoter and get back on the phones to grow their network. Pictured here: Sarah Lyons, Kelly Braden, Dave Ellis and Paul Scott.
Tristate independents conduct direct outreach   
Activists and new volunteers from the Tristate area gathered at's national headquarters to participate in a phoneathon sponsored by and the NYC Independence Party this weekend. The two day event was the first of 2014. Callers spoke with independents across the country about the need to end partisanship. As well, they were joined by dozens of activists around the country who were extending an invitation to join's upcoming national conference call.  
Independents in the West plan meeting in Las Vegas 

Independent activists and leaders from 9 states have spent the last three months discussing how to build the independent movement in the western region of the country on a series of conference calls. According to Catana Barnes, President of Independent Voters of Nevada and the initiator of the process, "The calls have been a great way for all of us to connect and support one another."  The group decided to hold a western regional conference in Las Vegas, NV on May 17, 2014.  The Western Regional Group will be having their next conference call this Saturday at 10:30am PT. To participate, contact Catana Barnes at or call her at 775-354-3812

Being An Independent, Why It Matters More than Ever


Salit headshot
On her national conference call last night, Jackie Salit spoke about the War on Poverty on its 50th anniversary and how it gave greater control to the political parties while failing in its mission. Said Salit:

"Ware the force, that believes public policy has got to be nonpartisan, it's got to be workable, it has to be developmental, and it can't be structured or organized in ways that accrue greater and greater power to the political parties at a time when such a significant portion of the American public wants to break out of the control of the political parties and be independent - because independents see that partisanship is strangling the country." 

(NOTE:  Blip at 18:47 due to technical difficulty)
Politics for the People Book Club New Selection - Indispensable Enemies  
Indispensable Enemies: The Politics of Misrule in America by Walter Karp is the selection that Politics for the People book club founder Cathy Stewart has chosen for an upcoming conference call Sunday, February 9th, 2014. Cathy describes it as a "scathing and insightful look at how the two parties operate together to prevent competition." 
For information on how to purchase the book and to join the discussion, check out Cathy's Politics For the People blog. 

Jackie Salit and Mayor Mike Bloomberg Did you know....that in his final days as New York City Mayor, independent Michael Bloomberg said that failing to pass nonpartisan elections was the biggest regret of his mayoral terms?  Read more here

And, according to the new Gallup Poll, a record 42% of Americans now identify as independents.
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