Opinion:  Frustrated Voters Can Do Better Than Picking A Partisan Primary
In his opinion piece that appeared in The Oregonian, Frustrated Voters Can Do Better Than Picking a Partisan Primary, political maverick and businesman Mark Frohnmayer says: "...frustrated Oregonians can do a lot more than dream or pick a faction: They can pitch in on election process reform efforts now under way in Oregon that will provide a real solution to the fundamental problem of an unjust election system."

Meet Author Alex Meyers: Guest on Politics for the People Book Club Call 

Author Alex Meyers will be discussing his historical novel, Revolutionary, on the next Politics for the People book club conference call hosted by Cathy Stewart.  
In his review of the book, independent movement leader and history scholar, Dr. Omar Ali had this to say: "Revolutionary is a gem of a historical novel. It's the story of a revolutionary woman, Deborah Sampson, an impoverished weaver who sought her independence by pretending to be a man in order to fight in the Revolutionary War (avoiding the plight of most young indentured female servants who after completing the duration of their 'bond' were promptly married)."  Continues Ali, "Here's where the why we should care about history comes in. We make it. So as you read this, and as we discuss the book, let's think about how we're making history together." 


Read Ali's blog post Questioning the Line Between History and Historical Fiction on Stewart's Politics For the People blog and join Stewart and Meyers and independents around the country on the call this Sunday (April 13) at 7pm ET.  Register for the call here.  


Neighbor-to-Neighbor Phone Banking Underway in the Panhandle

In Panama City, Florida, Steve Hough is building a network of independents, person by person.  Steve began calling people last week who are registered to vote as "No Party Affiliation" (NPA) in his area (from a board of elections voter registration list) gauging their interest in political reform.  He is finding like-minded voters who are unhappy that independents are excluded from the primary process and talking to them about Florida IndependentVoting.org's efforts to introduce top two nonpartisan primaries.  Steve has found the personal approach of reaching out neighbor-to-neighbor to be effective. He follows up with an email and plans to invite them to a meeting at his local library and to participate in a Voting Rights Are Primary picket that he is organizing during the August primary period. Steve says,  "It appears that NPAs are eager to support a top two primary in Florida. This is not a hard sell. I think independents just need to be made aware that the system can be changed."

Independent Voters Gathering Strength in Pennsylvania


Independent Pennsylvanians founder Jenn Bullock was quoted in a recent article that appeared in the local Lancaster paper charting the growth of independents in Pennsylvania.  "More and more people are recognizing that the system is rigged against anyone who has an opposing perspective," she said. 

Read the complete article here.


"Voting Rights Are Primary" Campaign Takes Off


Sarah Firebaugh had the right idea.  Back In 2011, she took to the polls on election day with a sign protesting Kentucky's closed primaries.  This year, during the midterms Sarah will join activists in more than 20 states across the country making a collaborative statement that "Voting Rights Are Primary."  The details of each picket will look different from state to state, but activists will be communicating with the public and media about ways that independents are excluded from participating in the all-important primary process.  Sarah learned about the 2014 campaign when she joined other Midwesterners on a recent regional call.  If you'd like to join the campaign, whether it's participating in a picket or writing a letter to the editor, email national@independentvoting.org.
It's Disenfranchisement When Independents Can't Vote in the Primary 
Headshot - Linda Killian
Author Linda Killian says it's fundamentally undemocratic when non-Democrats
and non-Republicans are shut out in a one-party town in her April 3 article in
The Daily Beast.  Killian uses her own experience as an independent voter in Washington, DC to speak out about why being able to vote in the primary election is so important. Here is the full article .


Tweet This....
Utah League of Independent Voters' Randy Miller had this to say on a recent Facebook post:  "I've been suspicious from the outset that the Count My Vote citizen initiative petition compromise was an ambush laid by the legislature. Looks more and more like that is correct."  Read here about how the Republican Party has threatened to sue to eliminate any possibility of open primaries.


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