How Independents Can Make Our Mark in the Midterms
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On the recent national conference call of independents attended by130 people in 35 states across the country, Jackie Salit analogized the wave of independent motion (our special energy) to the recent reported cosmological breakthrough:

"The universe of independent political activity is expanding very rapidly and we in the independent movement are situated right in the middle of all this.  I'd argue that we, through the various things we're doing in our daily lives to build our movement, are providing and creating a special energy (to use the scientific term) that's driving the expansion and development of the independent political universe."

Spokesperson Training with Sarah Lyons
This Sunday (March 30) at 7pm ET, Director of Communications Sarah Lyons will lead a spokesperson training call.  The theme will be
How Independents Can Make Our Mark in the Midterms.  In a note to spokespersons in-training, Sarah noted, "With the upcoming midterm elections, the media is bound to fall back on their classic question about the role independent voters will play, namely: Which way will independents swing? To the Democrats or Republicans?   This year our challenge is to introduce a new paradigm altogether -- to focus the media on something more basic, more fundamental then the outcome of the election -- the right to vote in all elections."


The training will focus on the campaign is leading to hold informational pickets at poll sites across the country in which independents will be asking a simple question, is this a democracy for everyone?  
 If you'd like to join the call, register here. No experience necessary.  
Independent Voters Biggest Bloc in Arizona

In Arizona, independents have become the largest bloc of voters, surpassing both the Democrats and the Republicans. This makes it one of 10 states in the country where there are more independents than partisans.'s Jackie Salit was quoted in an article on Gannett's  She said, "The Arizona trend is a bellwether of what's happening across the country.  The political parties are losing popular support because they just can't govern without being utterly partisan. That's why the independent movement is growing at record rates. And those independents are going to demand full inclusion."


Activist Corner
Western Region activists will be holding a meeting in Las Vegas Saturday, May 17 to discuss successes, challenges and next steps for expanding their reach in the region. Click here for more information or contact Catana Barnes at
Activists from New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine participated in the second New England regional call this past week.  Tiani Coleman in Amherst and Sue Erickson in Concord (after becoming acquainted on the first call) travelled to meet each other and make plans for expanding New Hampshire Independent Voters.  To join the next call, contact Evelyn Dougherty, chair of the Massachusetts Coalition of Independent Voters at

Cynthia Carpathios and Rick Robol of Independent Ohio are convening a second Midwest Region conference call Sunday, April 6 7:00 PM Eastern Time/6:00 PM Central Time. To participate, email


And spearheaded by Dr. Omar Ali of North Carolina and Saadiq Muhammad of Arkansas, the South will be holding their first regional call on Saturday, April 19 at 4:00 PM ET.  Contact


Speaking of North Carolina, on April 21, Tonya Doane, a graduate student in Women's and Gender Studies at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, is organizing a community educational forum entitled "Independents and Non-Partisan Politics in North Carolina." The forum, which is being sponsored by the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority branch in Greensboro, N.C., will be led by Dr. Omar Ali of North Carolina Independents, with a call to action for Primary Day, Tuesday May 6.
Josh Ramirez of Pasco, Washington, decided to take full advantage of the fact that he lives in one of two states that has top two nonpartisan primaries.  He entered the Congressional race because he was sick and tired of partisanship and wanted to do something about it.  Josh is also building United Independents of Washington State because he sees the fight for recognition of independents as an ongoing task. Josh can be contacted at


South Dakota Voice of Independents' leader Kim Wright  had another letter printed, this time in Sioux Fall's Argus Leader, Independent Voters A Growing Number in the State. After holding a successful open meeting in Rapid City last week, Kim is leading an open meeting in Sioux Falls.  


Independent Pennsylvania held its regularly meeting over the weekend, welcomed two brand new members and planned its spring activities, including a presentation to the PA Humanist Association and strategy for a primary day picket at the polls on May 20.  Next meeting planned at the University of Pennsylvania bookstore Sunday, April 13.  Contact Jenn Bullock at if you live in Pennsylvania.


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