Nov. 27, 2014


At a moment where hope is at a scarcity and partisanship pervades our communities, there exists a ray of sunshine - it is the independent movement - ordinary people from all walks of life, all colors, all economic strata who dare to create something new together.  On this Thanksgiving, I give thanks to you, the activists and supporters who are building a movement of outsiders to restructure politics, transform America and create the possibility that all can live a decent life.  (Gwen Mandell)


I asked a handful of IndependentVoting activists to share what they are thankful for this Thanksgiving.


Mariah Hunt (North Carolina) -- As cliche as it sounds, I am thankful for life. Coming out of a dark season, seeing the beauty of life is so rewarding. I am also thankful for the spirit of hope. 





Susan Doup (Ohio) -- I am so thankful for family and especially for the safe return of our grandson from Afghanistan. I have also been blessed with many new friends through my connection to Independent Ohio. Here is wishing you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving! 





Natesha Oliver (Missouri) -- I am thankful this season for connecting with and the independent movement. Joining in the fight with others to change how American citizens are considered in the very process that was designed to protect us, is bringing meaning into my life that I had not cared about before.






Steve Richardson (Virginia) -- I am grateful for the many opportunities I have to connect with others in a way that makes us feel alive, aware, and relevant.





Randy Miller (Utah) -I'm thankful that I'll be with my wife and children for Thanksgiving this year. I'm thankful to be involved with my heroes in the independent movement and I like to think we are succeeding and giving our children legitimate voting rights in the future. I'm thankful for the many relationships I've formed in our network and for the inspiring individual commitments to make a difference.




Catana Barnes (Nevada) -- I am thankful for all of the wonderful people I have met in and through the independent movement, I am thankful for the education I am receiving, and most of all I am thankful for the newest addition to our family, our granddaughter Olivia.








David Cherry (Illinois) -- I am thankful to have met fellow midwestern independents and appreciate the work of independents across the country.






Chuck Young (Oregon) -- I am thankful we live in a country where the ranks of progressives  determined to achieve a true equality of participation and opportunity are forever refreshed by new blood and undaunted







Jo Coskie (New York) --  I am thankful for my independent friends with whom I have learned to organize others within our movement for political reform.



Barbara Patrizzi (Pennsylvania) -- I am thankful for the many good people of the world who work to make our planet a better place for all living things.


"Guest Opinion: Fight for the Rights of Independent Voters Will Continue." This piece by Independent Voters of Oregon co-founders Charles Young and Dave Ellis, which originally appeared as a letter to independents in Oregon and around the country post-election day, was published in Medford, Oregon's Mail Tribune

A number of articles post-election have advocated for structural political reforms to fix America's broken political system.  Here are two:

In the Washington paper, the Yakima Herald, reporter Kate Riley talks about former US Senator Olympia Snow's call for nonpartisan primaries in "State shows how to fix U.S. Political System."

The Washington Post has published two post-election articles which call for a closer look at open primaries, "Three Ways DC Can Improve the Electoral Process for Voters" and "DC Should Shift to Open Primaries to Make it a Truly Democratic City."

Freedom Isn't Free
Freedom Isn't Free
Song written by Joe Pickering

Joe Pickering from Maine wrote a song about his vision of a country free of partisan politics, accompanied by a video collage that captures the movement for change. Click on the video to view and listen.

Saturday, March 14, 2015


"It's very important that the grassroots activist leaders of the independent movement, with all of your viewpoints, and all of your experience, and all of your inspiration and aspiration come together at this time to learn from one another, to spend time together and show that there is a solid base of support in America from every walk of life, for the independent and nonpartisan reform movement." (Jackie Salit on the upcoming National Conference of Independents).


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