April 23, 2015

IndependentVoting.org's National Conference of Independents took place a little over a month ago, but the impact of the event is still reverberating. Be sure to join Jackie Salit on her upcoming (Tuesday, May 19th)  conference call to hear an update.

This issue of The Hub features the panel discussions that headlined the conference:  "Can Democracy Transform Social Crisis? " and "Can We Make Political Reform Popular with the American People."  Both aired on CSPAN and are now available free and on-demand. 

Click the pictures below to view each panel discussion.

Panel 1 - Can Democracy Transform Social Crisis?
Panel 2 - Can We Make Political Reform Popular With the American People?


You can also view Jackie Salit's Opening Address  here. 
Growing Independent Connections

Independents from around the country responded to the CSPAN broadcasts by calling our offices and visiting the IndependentVoting.org website. Here are just a few of those people who shared their passion for changing the system.

Tanya Edlow
Tanya Edlow  was so excited when she viewed the conference on CSPAN that she went to o ur website to watch videos from prior conferences.  Tanya is a public school teacher who recently moved to Fredericksburg, Virginia.   "I had to involve myself with IndependentVoting.org because it is not enough to just understand how important and valuable my vote counts as an independent, but to actively engage in real change that can lead to reform so that EVERY unique individual's voice and vote can be counted without having to align ourselves with the current state of dysfunction within our government impacted by partisanship."   Tanya has joined Virginia's independent group, Virginia Indepen dent Voters Association (VIVA).

Barbara Mannix
Barbara Mannix, a retired business owner in Ft. Myers, Florida recorded the CSPAN coverage she watched and showed it to a 
number of her friends.  "I have been searching for your organization," she said. Barbara is a member of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Ft. Myers and plans on setting up a program with her church's humanist group. 
Leisa Moseley

Leisa Moseley of Las Vegas, Nevada is a political activist and a leading voice on behalf of women and juvenile justice. Leisa was inspired to contact the IndependentVoting.org office after viewing the panel discussion that included Dr. Lenora Fulani. "Dr. Fulani is my hero," Leisa said.  "I'm quite excited about this journey and looking forward to connecting with Catana Barnes of Independent Voters of Nevada." 
More ...

Independent Pennsylvanians held a get-together to watch and discuss Jackie Salit's opening address in which she describes how independents are located in the current political landscape.

Five Ways to Grow Your Network of Independents

1.   Watch the conference .  Send your thoughts and reactions to gmandell@independentvoting.org
2.  Send an email to your network.
3.  Share your favorite segment on Facebook or other social networking site. Send a tweet and ask your followers to retweet.
4.  After you share, set up a conference call with others to discuss.
5.  Have a get-together. Watch your favorite segment with your friends and have a discussion.
6.  Write a letter to the editor about why you are an independent and what happened at the Conference that resonated with you.
In the News

New York independents Anthony Del Signore and Dr. Jessie Fields co-authored an op ed published in the Albany Times Union which urged independents to stand up for their right to vote in the 2016 presidential primaries. Read the full article here.

Panama City, Florida independent Steve Hough wrote an editorial in support of Rep. John Delaney's Open Our Democracy Act. Rep. Delaney is expected to reintroduce the bill in the next Congressional session, and independents from around the country will be waging a campaign to support it. Read the editorial here. 


Former New Mexico State Legislator Bob Perls wrote "Our Taxes Pay for Primaries," which appeared in the Albuquerque Journal.  (Scroll down to second letter) 


Tuesday, May 19, 8pm ET: IndependentVoting.org's national conference call, hosted by Jackie  Salit. Learn more about the latest developments in our movement.  
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Wednesday, May 27, 7pm ET: Spokesperson Training Call with Director of Communications  Sarah Lyons.   Advance your skills as a spokesperson for the concerns of independents.   Whether it's composing a letter to the editor, speaking to an organization, or appearing on radio or TV, join the conference  call to get tips and support from Sarah.   Register here .
Please note this call replaces the call that was originally scheduled for April 26.
Gwen Mandell
Director of National Outreach
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