Feb. 12, 2015

Cathy Stewart

As we head into 'President's Weekend,' The Politics for the People Book Club blog is buzzing with a lively dialogue about truth, history and Abraham Lincoln, as we explore this month's selection, a fictional memoir I am Abraham: A Novel of Lincoln and The Civil War by Jerome Charyn.  Charyn will be Stewart's guest this Sunday for a fascinating discussion.  If you haven't read the book yet, no worries.  Check out the blog, call in, participate and put the book on your reading list for the future.


"No president has written as well as Abraham Lincoln. He could thrill, reason, prophesy, mourn and crack jokes. Who wouldn't want to read a book in his own words - all the more enticing if it scanted the political and administrative minutiae that fill his collected works and gave us a window into his inner life?" New York Times Sunday Book Review


"Charyn's novel is a literary feast, giving us insight (perhaps, or perhaps not) into Lincoln's subjective experience of surviving and becoming. As much as it is about Lincoln, it is about the author, but by extension, by our reading it, it is about us.Omar H. Ali, Ph.D., historian and community organizer in Greensboro, North Carolina

P4P Conference Call with Jerome Charyn
Sunday, February 15th, 7 pm EST
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IndependentVoting.org President Jackie Salit shared her thoughts about the upcoming National Conference of Independents with close to 200 activists on a recent national conference call. The conference, entitled Partnerships for Independent Power will be held on 
Saturday, March 14th in New York City. 

"We've designed the conference to bring some people together who don't usually talk to one another and want to try to shape those discussions and conversations in a way that can take us to new ground," Salit said.

   Email:  national@IndependentVoting.org or call: 800-288-3201

National Conference of Independents

Activists talk about the Conference

The National Conference of Independents blog is a stopping place where you can share your thoughts about the upcoming conference, ask questions, or discuss our ongoing work to create a new political infrastructure and change political culture.  It's where you can find testimonials from independent activists who've attended the conference in the past or are looking forward to their first.  
Here are some excerpts.  Check out the blog for more.  
Send me your testimonial, and I'll post it.

"The biennial gathering serves to cement the bonds we've already created and inspires activity in the months and years to come.  Please join us this March.  You'll return home more independent than ever and yet understanding you're an important participant in a historic movement!"   
Steve Richardson, Virginia Independent Voters Association

"I am looking forward to the conference because I am excited to meet and be in the midst of serious political minds that are pushing for real change in this country."
Natesha Oliver, Missouri Independents Stand Together (M.I.S.T.)
"It is imperative that we, the Independent movement of America, have these opportunities to shake each other's hand and look each other straight in the eye.  This level of acquaintance and intimacy will allow us to procure long-lasting relationships for a long-lasting effort and cause...."
Greg Dorsey, Baltimore, Maryland
"The upcoming National Conference of Independent Voters this March represents the momentum of a popular movement working towards replacing party controlled closed primaries with citizen-controlled open primaries. We want to take the power from the hands of the politicians and put it back into the hands of the people. If this story resonates with your innermost desires to fix American democracy, please register for this amazing conference..."  
Jarell Corley, Orlando, Florida


Greg Smith, the independent City Councilman from Las Cruces, New Mexico wrote a letter "Declaration of Independent: Call for Primary Change" which appeared in Las Cruces Sun-News, where he advocates for top two nonpartisan primaries.

The number of voters becoming independent in Arizona continues to rise, reported The Havasu News Herald. A day later, the editorial board tries to explain it away by minimizing the impact of the increase.

Open Primaries, the new organization dedicated to primary reform, issued a press release commending the Mississippi Secretary of State for publishing a report recommending a top two nonpartisan system.  Read the press release here.

North Carolina Independent leader and Associate Professor of History at UNC-Greensboro, Dr. Omar Ali appeared on a national radio show, "Black Politics Todaythis week, on the topic of "Who is Preparing the Next Generation to Lead?"

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Director of National Outreach
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