Dec. 11, 2014
Nancy Ross and I address the audience at the 2013 Conference of Independents
JOIN ME IN NEW YORK CITY AT THE NATIONAL CONFERENCE OF INDEPENDENTS President Jackie Salit joined 33 leaders on a special conference call to share her thoughts about our upcoming national conference of independents on March 14, 2015.  The conference, a biennial event, will be attended by hundreds of independents around the country. Jackie spoke about the importance of making independents more visible in the context of the growing systemic reform movement. At a moment when the parties have no answers to the current social crises and pressing issues affecting our communities, independents play a critical role in restructuring the system.  A number of leaders on the call shared with Jackie their plans for bringing networks of independents to the conference.


"What we have to do at the national conference," she said "is to show the American people that there is a new political force emerging that is a broad swath of Americans, but which comes together with the belief that the system as currently constructed does not make it possible for the American people to move forward - that we've been building that, testing that and have been through battles around that. This conference will tackle the tough questions our movement faces now that it is on the map."


The conference will include leaders from the systemic reform movement, activists in social justice, and third party activists.    


I want to personally invite all HUB readers to join me at the conference in New York City in March.  It is an important moment for us to come together to strategize, commiserate and experience together the power of our growing movement. 

Please go to the "Conference of Independents" website to register today.  And I hope you will check out the video on our 2013 conference.  Feel free to contact me with any questions at   
Reinvent Bipartisanship Roundtable Recap
Reinvent Bipartisanship Roundtable Recap

Jackie Salit participated in a roundtable discussion called Reinvent Bipartisanship sponsored by Reinventors.Net.

Here's how the sponsor describes the discussion: "Political polarization in the United States is not a Washington DC problem, it's an American 
people problem. But because it's a people problem, the ultimate solution lies with them, with us. This roundtable pulled together folks from left, right and center and came up [with] a range of ideas on how to fix the culture in the long-term, and tactically make progress in DC now. In the end, we did find much common ground and everyone felt more hopeful that America could work as one people once again. You will too."

Click here on the photo above for a 10 minute video recap of the dialogue. 

Dan Walton, Nevada

Dan Walton is a 27 year old independent from Virginia City, Nevada (near Reno) where he works as a cook.  He is an active member of Independent Voters of Nevada and travelled to Las Vegas last year to participate in a Western Regional meeting where he played a leading role polling voters on the street (in 110 degree heat!) as part of an independent Voting Rights Are Primary picket. Says Dan, "I've been independent-minded since I could vote."

Dan continued, "I am an independent because I felt the strict lines set by the Republicans and Democrats are driving a wedge into the system that turns it into an 'us versus them' attitude."

Dan is looking forward to being in  New York on March 14 for the National Conference of Independents:  "The amount of information and ideas presented at events like these is always helpful and interesting and I hope to meet more people who share the same goals and ideas when it comes to politics. Plus, it's always good to put names to faces."


"Three Steps Would Clear Candidates and Voters to Make Good Decisions," Canton Repository.  Letter to the Editor by Independent Ohio activist Carol McFall. 

"Redrawn Political Lines Create Sparse Choice for Voters," Asheville Citizen Times.  "Critics attribute the sparse number of choices for voters to the fact that districts were drawn to so heavily favor one party or another that other candidates don't bother to run."  Read More.


"My View: NonPartisan Board Elections Ahead," Utah Deseret News.  "There is only one process that meets the requirements of the Utah Constitution: a direct, nonpartisan election where all of Utah's public may vote for their state school representatives."  Read More.


Two Letters to the Editor appeared inThe Baltimore Sun advocating political reform: "Open Primaries in Every State" (Steven Davidson, New Windsor) "Stop the Gerrymandering" (Thomas Ferraro, Davidson).

Gwen Mandell
Director of National Outreach 
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