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August 10, 2017
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College Entrepreneurs Open a Food Truck; Solve A Problem in Small Town America
The Good Men Project, by Leah Singer
The Twisted Fry food truck started as a way of two ISU students to start their own business. DeSean Prentice and Devyn Mikell came up with food truck idea to feed hungry college students late at night in Terre Haute, IN. But what began as a simple concept became another matter entirely. The two young men ended up solving a critical problem facing college students. In April 2016, after a five-hour brainstorm session, the two students decided a food truck for late night service would be the perfect business. "To make sure their idea was on the right track, they deployed a survey and found 41 percent of students admitted to driving for food after drinking alcohol." Prentice said, "We saw that as proof that this idea may actually work." To get started, they enlisted the help of the ISU Business Engagement Center. Not even one year later, Twisted Fry is open Thursday through Sunday, from 11p.m. to 2 a.m., and serves approximately 120 people each night. 
High-Risk Drinking at its Lowest Point in 25 Years at the UI 
The University of Iowa, by Cristobal McKinney
The frequency of undergraduate drinking and high-risk drinking at the University of Iowa is at its lowest point in more than 25 years, according to the latest National College Health Assessment (NCHA) survey. Compared to data from 2009, high-risk drinking at the UI has de-creased by 28 percent, the number of undergraduates drinking 10 or more days a month has decreased by 48 percent, and undergraduates now consume an average of two fewer drinks per occasion. Since spring 2016, the number of surveyed undergraduates drinking 10 or more days in the last month has dropped 23.2 percent, sur-passing a goal set by the UI Alcohol Harm Reduction Advisory Committee in the 2016-2019 Alcohol Harm Reduction Plan. The 2016-2019 plan outlines goals and research-supported strategies for reducing drinking and its harm-ful effects. To read the Alcohol Harm Reduction Plan, click here
Mini-Dorm Crackdown Near SDSU Halted by Judge
San Diego Union-Tribune, by David Garrick
San Diego may have to abandon its recent crackdown on San Diego State "mini-dorms" because a judge says the city's rules appear to be unconstitutional. The restrictions, including an ordinance approved by the City Council in 2008 and a more aggressive law approved last winter, respond to public outcry about the con-verted single-family homes known for late-night parties and other disruptive behavior. A recent survey by residents living near the university found that more than 800 of the roughly 4,000 dwelling units in the College Area neighborhood are mini-dorms. Aiming to curtail the number of new mini-dorms add their size, the city adopted rules limiting the number of bedrooms in a house based on the number of on-site parking spaces, square footage and other factors.  Judge Ronald Styn last month issued an injunction blocking the city from enforcing those rules based on a lawsuit filed by a group made up mostly of mini-dorm owners. 
RRForum Launching New Weekly Broadcast: Alcohol Across America
RRForum Press Release, by Staff Writers 
The Responsible Retailing Forum (RRForum) is launching a new weekly broadcast,  Alcohol Across America , to examine the impact of beverage alcohol on public health and safety, the nation's economy, and American culture. Dr. Brad Krevor, RRForum's President, will host the broadcasts  on Mondays at 4:00pm ET, beginning August 14th. The broadcasts will be live on demand; they will also be available at after the air date. Of special interest to ITGA members will be discussions on College Drinking with Co-host Professor William DeJong, Ph.D. Dr. DeJong will engage top administrators and researchers from leading colleges and universities to explore current trends in student alcohol use and how campus communities grapple with the resulting challenges to public health and safety. To receive a schedule of the weekly broadcasts, contact Maureen DeJong at  
Higher-Ed Leaders Renew Their Vows, Seek to Market Area as Educational Hub
Town-Gown Nation News
Bradenton Herald, by Ryan McKinnon
Here's a thought: Bradenton is a college town. Higher-education leaders in Manatee and Sarasota counties say the region being seen as a college town is vital to attracting prospective students. That is why a consor-tium of colleges in the area committed to work together to attract students to the region by forming the Consortium of Colleges in the Creative Coast or "C4." On Wednesday, leaders from the schools recommitted their vow to work together. Along with a MOU reaffirming the goal of working together, the consortium rolled out a new name: "Cross College Alliance." Alliance facilitator Lori Stryker said the college presidents identified three goals for the alliance: Turn the Manatee-Sarasota area into a destination for higher education, facilitate collaboration among the roughly 520 full-time facility working here and connect students to more employers. 
University Applicants Set for Shock to the System
The first major survey of its kind, Reality Check: A report on university applicants' attitudes and percep-tions, produced by the Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI) and Unite Students, shows a significant gap between what university applicants think higher edu-cation is like and the realities of student life. The research shows that applicants prepare for university in a state of mixed emotions. While 81% are excited about the prospect, 61% are anxious, with 58% having had trouble sleeping and 27% reporting panic attacks in the past year. The report highlights a number of specific areas where applicants' expectations are out of step with the reality. For example, while most applicants (67%) are confident they will find the right support for any mental health issues, friends emerged as the first line of support for most applicants (85%). To see the full UK report, click here.    
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