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August 11, 2017

The Impact of the Fashion District Clean Team

What does the LA Fashion District BID Clean Team do? In the first 6 months of the year, the Clean Team collected 2,515,020 pounds of trash, pressure washed 9,885,091 square-feet of public space, removed 16,842 graffiti tags, completed feces removal 1,067 times, and removed 824 bulky items

During the month of July, the LA Fashion District BID Clean Team collected 215.41 tons of trash. That's 14,360 pounds of trash per day, or 143.6 pounds of trash per-block divided evenly among the district's 100 blocks.

Can you imagine wading through 143.6 pounds of trash to get to your office or on your way to lunch? Can you imagine what 146.3 pounds of urban trash smells like on an 81-degree Los Angeles day?

In order to help the community be a clean, safe, and friendly place to work, shop, live, and do business, each member of our Clean Team collects on average
652.72 pounds of trash every day.

2017 Trash Tonnage

The Clean Team also pressure washes, removes graffiti, oversees pest control and works with the City on things like illegal dumping, ensuring manholes have covers, electrical boxes are properly maintained and bulky items are removed from our sidewalks, alleys and curbs. On Saturdays, the team focuses on weed abatement - removing weeds from sidewalks and public areas.

Proactive Problem Solving
In addition to their daily tasks, the team, led by BID Field Supervisor Elmer Pacheco, works around-the-clock to problem solve issues with property owners. In fact, Elmer proactively surveys the district in the early morning and begins problem solving before most businesses open for the day.  For example, he recently helped a building owner figure out where the smell in the building's basement was coming from.

Special Projects
A Special Projects Team was created to target problem areas and spaces of the district that were in need of extra attention. This part-time crew "details" the district by providing additional pressure washing and graffiti, sticker and poster removal.
Recently, Elmer began replanting the median at 9th and Main Streets as it had been severely trampled on. He also oversees the planters on Broadway and has been charged with ensuring our new trees on Los Angeles Street receive enough water through the summer months.

See something we missed?
Call the 24-hour response line at 213-741-2661.

LA Fashion District in the News

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