On September 13, 2016, The Dallas Morning News reported on a story where a Texas women sued the company that owns Church’s Chicken for $50 million, after she was essentially “cooked” by boiling hot cooking grease during her shift at a Church’s Chicken restaurant. While the employee was working, the floor collapsed, causing the employee along with massive grease fryers, to fall into a collapsed hole. The hot cooking grease spilled on top of the women during the incident, causing her severe burns.  The employee is now suing the restaurant for negligence, $50 million dollars worth.

     An employer in such a situation would be better off having this case heard before a judge rather than a jury. That is why it is imperative for an employer to have their employees sign mandatory arbitration agreements as a requirement of their employment. Having such as agreements in place will limit an employer’s liability and covers employment disputes such as non-subscriber negligence. Moreover, in Texas, arbitration agreements can include provisions waiving an employee’s right to file or participate in a class of collective action lawsuit. This is why Monty & Ramirez LLP strongly encourages all of you in the restaurant industry or any industry for that matter, to take advantage of the free and updated arbitration agreements the firm provides its clients.