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The Industry "Disruptors"...How Do They Affect You?

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect of on all the things we are thankful for.
I'm thankful for my family, my health, my business, and the opportunity to have a positive impact on the community around me.
Recently, I was blessed to be able to attend the ASI Power Summit, which is a gathering of industry leaders. 

I've also been privileged to attend several PPAI Leadership Conferences. The time spent at events like these is always productive. ASI put together a thought provoking slate of presentations for this Power Summit.

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PLEASE NOTE: This is an independent, informal event, not endorsed by,
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Those who are active types are invited to post what you like to do for fun away from
the office i n the FPT SuccessFit Facebook Group. You can encourage others
and be encouraged.
Relationships can be built here and that's good for business!
GP2 Silver 400
(With End-User Safe Video You Can Share)
(With End-User Safe Video You Can Share)
Think Apollo 13: Failure is Not an Option...?

Whether you're landing a space capsule or running a promotional products business, failure is not an option. Check out this post from David Blaise!

What Compliance is All About

When you think about it, that's what we all should be, really - brand protectors. If you're familiar with our work at Quality Certification Alliance, you're likely expecting something in this space about safe and compliant promotional products. I'm looking forward to focusing here each month on the challenges of sourcing the right products for end-user clients who are becoming increasingly risk-aware, thanks to the many stories of product failure in the mainstream media.

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Raster vs. Vector Images - Which One to Use?

For those of us that aren't graphic designers, the terminology regarding art files can be confusing. For example, understanding the difference between a vector and raster image. One is crisp and sharp, and the other is barely legible.

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Keep track of all of your holiday shopping in one easy place.  Holiday shopping is no longer a hassle with this helpful new full color wallet-sized organizer. The holiday shopping list section allows you to write in names, sizes, favorite colors and multiple gift choices to help make your shopping experience a breeze! 

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