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 Abilene First Church of the Nazarene                                 February 2017 
From Pastor Dave
Happy February Church Family!  Did I just say February?  UNBELIEVABLE!
So, February has arrived and you all know what that means?  That's right!  ( If you said Groundhog Day-you thought I was going to say Valentine's Day... )
I understand Groundhog Day does not mean to much in West Texas but I will get to Texas in a moment. The largest Groundhog Day celebration is held in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania , where crowds as large as 40,000 have gathered to celebrate the holiday since at least 1886.  The day is observed with various ceremonies at other locations in North America,  including Wiarton , Ontario,  the Shubenacadie Wildlife Park in Nova Scotia , and the University of Dallas in Irving, Texas ( which has what is claimed to be the second largest Groundhog celebration in the world ).  I found that Texas has the largest Groundhog Day Celebration which blows my mind seeing as how we have 2 seasons: "Summer" and "January".
Groundhog Day is a traditional holiday celebrated on February 2.  The tradition of Groundhog day is this: if it is cloudy when a groundhog emerges from its burrow on this day, then the spring season will arrive early, some time before the vernal equinox.  If it is sunny, the groundhog will supposedly see its shadow and retreat back into its den, and winter weather will persist for six more weeks
I was born and raised in a small town of Marion Ohio. Marion Ohio is the hometown of the world famous "Buckeye Chuck", (well world famous in Marion anyways).  Every Feb. 2 nd , very very early in the morning, Marion officials and townspeople gather to await the prediction of Buckeye Chuck while eating fried bologna sandwiches and placing their hope on getting an early Spring if ole Chuck doesn't see his shadow.
Isn't it just comforting to know that as followers of Christ, we don't have to place our hope and our trust in things of this world, let alone a silly groundhog tradition or like parts of Texas that watch "Prairie Dog Pete" to see if he will see his shadow.  (Told ya, I would get to Texas.) As Psalm 39:7 teaches us, "Our only Hope is in You Lord."  Hope is waiting in expectation of or belief in fulfillment.  So as believers we place our hope and our trust in God knowing that He is the ultimate promise keeper and we are journeying to the ultimate prize, the ultimate fulfillment! ETERNAL GLORY! John Wesley writes in his commentary for this text; The darkest night is followed by the dawn. Though selfish pursuits leave man with empty hands, dissipated and disillusioned, the upward look brings eternal riches: my hope is in thee .  God rescues life from nothingness.
Church, the upward brings eternal riches and with our hope invested into the heavenly realms we have life and life abundantly because as John Wesley states, "God rescues life from nothingness."
Whether we have an early Spring or a long Winter, it doesn't really matter.  What matters is the fact that God is always in season, no matter what Phil, Chuck or Pete say! Praise be to God \o/
Loving you and Lifting you,

Nazarene Missions International
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Alabaster Offering

What is Alabaster?
The Alabaster Offering provides funds for property and buildings around the world. While we understand the church consists of the people of God and not a building, buildings erected for the purpose of ministry help provide a sense of permanence, functionally enhance ministry efforts, and convey an  attitude that the Church of the Nazarene intends to "put down roots." Alabaster funds help provide land for many Work & Witness projects, and the entire Alabaster Offering goes toward the purchase of land and construction of churches, schools, medical facilities, and homes for missionaries and national workers.
Mission Emphasis night is Sunday, February 19, at 6:00 p.m.  Come join us in the FCN Dining Room. Bring snack foods for a time of fellowship. 

Children's Department

Hello everyone! 
Let me start by saying thank you to all who participated in our annual chili cook off and basket auction. Your support is greatly appreciated.
We spent most of January preparing for our Zone competition.  We are doing another black light skit this year to Toby Mac's "Feel It".  The kids are having a blast putting it together. 
Zone will be Saturday, February 18, beginning at 10:00 a.m.  We will start with quizzing and follow with talent.  Lunch will be provided as well.  I have given most of the parents a list of things the kids can do to compete.  If you need a list just let me know.  Also, I am needing volunteers to help with Zone.  Please let me know if you would like to help out that Saturday.  Kidz Fest is March 3-4 in Lubbock.  Hopefully we will be going this year. 
Children's Caravan is going well so far this school year. We have our Annual Pine Wood Derby Race in April.  I will have more details next month. 
Carrie Turnbow   

FCN Book Club

The next FCN Book Club meeting is on Monday, February 6, at 6:30 p.m. at        Mad Coffee & More, located at 8049 Hwy 83/84 (the corner of FM 707 & 
Hwy 83/84).  We will be discussing "The Amber Room" by Steve Barry.         Contact Carol Hehn for more information.

Men's Basketball

Are you ready for some basketball?  The men of the church will meet on Saturday, February 4, at  6:00 p.m. in the FCN gym for some fun and fellowship.  Bring a friend!  Participants must be at least 14 years of age.  Please contact Robert Hehn for more information.  

Disc Golf Outing

Due to the unpredictable winter weather, please watch the FCN website calendar for the next outing.  If you would like to be sent a text for the next outing, text Jimmy Thomas at 325-829-6528.  


Online Sunday Morning Services


Our Sunday morning Worship Services can now be found online!  Go to:


 http://www.fcnabilene.org/sermons and click on


"First Church of the Nazarene on USTREAM"


February Calendar

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