Issue: # 5 July /August 2010
ABC's of FLL Returns!
TeamMatch™ Forum Gets New Format
MentorMatch™ Launched
Inventioneers win National Award
SMARTwheel™ Update
New JumpS.T.A.R.T. Curriculum Available Soon
Dear Friends,
We have been busy over the last two months creating new tools and programs for FLL rookie teams! Now is the time to be thinking about "gearing up" your new team but don't re-invent the wheel - let the Inventioneers help you!
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Keep reading below to see what's new and to register for training and curricula. Don't go it alone! We can't wait to hear from you and we hope to see you at our workshops.
Our best,
The Inventioneers
FLL World Champions
ABCs Logo ABC's of FLL Returns to FIRST Place
August 19th, 6-8:30 p.m.
Don't miss this free workshop if you want to learn more about FIRST LEGO League, insider tips for all areas of the program, and our best secrets for preparing for judging sessions. Space is limited so don't wait to register.
Just fill out the registration form to reserve your spot at:
ABCs of FLL Online Registration Form
Feel free to email us with any questions at TheInventioneers@yahoo.com.
Remember, the ABC's of FLL workshop is for kids and parents!
This workshop is for rookie teams only so if you have participated in FLL in the past, please pass on this info to anyone you know who might be new to the program.
Find out more at our blog at www.TheInventioneers.blogspot.com.
Click below or on the image above left to see the official brochure.
TeamMatch Gets New Features
Because the first challenge to getting involved in FLL is finding a team, we created a secure online forum where people can find others in their area looking for teams. TeamMatch™ is easy to use and is a secure environment.
If you want to become a member, email us a request to join at TheInventioneers@yahoo.com. We review every request and screen all inquiries providing an initial layer of security. We ask members to keep all information private after that.
Click here to see how TeamMatch is set up. We are celebrating the re-launch of the site with support from FIRST's NH Operational Partner, BAE Systems!

Introducing MentorMatch™- FLL Core Values Opportunity for Veteran Teams through TeamMatch

Want to put your FLL Core Values into action? TeamMatch offers a great program for veteran teams, too! Sign up for MentorMatch to offer your expertise to new teams. Email us at TheInventioneers@yahoo.comto get registered.
Your team will be listed in the MentorMatch database and rookie teams near you will contact you for mentoring help. You can also check out the TeamMatch databases to see if there are rookies near you that you can contact with an offer of help as well. Don't wait, sign up now!
Inventioneers win NOYS 50 Best Award
The Allstate Foundation and National Organization for Youth Safety (NOYS) have awarded our teen safety program (SMARTwheel and Don't DUIT™) as one of the top 50 for programs for youth safety in the nation!! This is our first grant toward our capital fund for advancing the SMARTwheel and our Don't DUIT campaign. We are so honored to have been selected from a huge field of qualified applicants!
"NOYS is a coalition of national organizations and federal agencies who serve youth and focus on youth safety and health. The mission of NOYS is to promote youth empowerment and leadership, and build partnerships that save lives, prevent injuries, and enhance safe and healthy lifestyles among all youth."
"The Allstate Foundation is an independent, charitable organization made possible by subsidiaries of The Allstate Corporation." The Allstate Foundation made teen safe driving a top priority for their organization and has been supporting this initiative since 2005.
USE JumpS.T.A.R.T. (Success Through Agendas for Rookie Teams)

jumpSTART logoHere is the latest resource from the Inventioneers! There is so much to getting a team started so that got us thinking - wouldn't it be great if teams had some help planning their first four team meetings? That's how JumpS.T.A.R.T. was born. This blueprint helps teams make sure that they cover the basics in their initial meetings. Agendas are broken into the following areas:.
Technical (including building projects and programming challenges)
Research (brainstorming, picking a topic)
Teamwork (including teambuilding games and stress relievers)
FLL Core Values
If you think this curriculum could help you, email us at TheInventioneers@yahoo.com and we'll send you the link for a free JumpS.T.A.R.T. download as soon as it is available!
ABC's of FLL Goes "On the Road" to DC
We're so excited about helping new teams get started, we're offering our new team workshop wherever people need help! FLL friends in Washington have asked us to bring our ABC's of FLL seminar to new FLLers in our nation's capital! We'll be setting up training sessions in other states on our way down and on our way back! Check out www.TheInventioneersOnTheRoad@blogspot.com to follow us on our trip.
We have lots of exciting news about our team's activities apart from our commitment to new teams. We're busy working on getting a utility patent for our SMARTwheel
with the help of the law firm Vern Maine and Associates, Intellectual Property Attorneys. As you may already know, the SMARTwheelfights distracted driving, especially texting behind the wheel. We are working on bringing our invention into graduated driver licensing programs around the nation as well as into schools. We are promoting our Don't DUITcampaign along with the SMARTwheel through developing a Don't DUIT curriculum and other school programs.
Teamwork Tip:
We're sharing one of our top teamwork game resources. We call it the Inventioneers Stress Buster Jar. We use this tool at our meetings when we're starting to get tired, we need to reach consensus as a team and need to get the creativity going, or when we have a little frustration with the robot!

Here's how it works. Find a jar or cup (plastic, preferably). Print out the activity sheets: click here. Cut the strips apart, fold and put in the jar. Then just have team members pull one out as needed! Remember, be true to the FLL Core Values - HAVE FUN!!!

We have great plans for the year ahead and we are dedicating our time to helping new teams have an awesome rookie season!
The Inventioneers
FLL World Champions
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