WE ARE PLEASED to offer you a Snapshot of a roundtable meeting of senior cross-disciplinary professionals arranged to inform the forthcoming Washington Ethical Leadership Summit and Conference (WELS) that will take place on 30th   April - 1st   May, 2018 in Washington DC and sponsored by Routledge. Early bird registration and information is here .

Insights Snapshot for WELS
IT IS TOO EASY TO FIND stories of unethical leadership wherever you are in the globe. Just turn on the news or open up social media, and you'll notice political leaders being accused of fraud, indecent behaviour, or the instigation of war. We may not notice other stories f or example, technology leaders have just genetically modified the spinal cord in dragonflies to be able 'steer' them, thereby turning them into micro cyborg drones. A 'micro-bio-medical-solution' innovation, and a clue as to today's landscape of ethical leading.
However, we do not need to go online - (un)ethical behaviour is all around us . Imagine this real-life scenario: at a board meeting of a multi-million-dollar corporation there were anxious discussions about the workloads and stress of staff.....  

Read this fascinating document now.

A keynote speaker at the Summit is John Knights, Chairman of LeaderShape Global and lead author of the game-changing book, Leading Beyond the Ego: How to Become a Transpersonal Leader .   He is also the author of the White Paper " How to Develop Ethical Leaders " published by Routledge as part of a series   of thought-leading publications on leadership

WELS is a partnership between LeaderShape Global, Virginia International University, and University of Chester, and sponsored by Taylor & Francis/Routledge. The first day will focus on a forum for business interests followed by a research conference.

Further information about other keynote speakers and presenters will be available here   shortly.

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O ur  NEW   publication  "Leading Beyond the Ego; How to Become a Transpersonal Leader"  - is to be released 9th  March .     
Traditional leadership styles of the past are underperforming in a world of continuous transformation. Those that recognise this and learn how to lead beyond their ego will become emotionally intelligent and ethical leaders who are able to build strong, collaborative relationships, and create a caring, sustainable and performance-enhancing environment. 

An essential read for current and aspiring organisational leaders, HR professionals, executive coaches and mentors, Leading Beyond the Ego is a vital point of reference for anyone in a leadership position and who wants to embrace this new world and Transpersonal Leadership.

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